San Francisco Fog Before Sunrise

In the news, a great story today about the famous San Francisco summer fog.  Here’s a great photograph of the San Francisco fog just before sunrise. This is why we love living here.  Awesome.

It was 92F degrees in San Francisco today and it is still 85F degrees at 6:45pm.

There were record highs in the Bay Area today with 69F degrees in San Francisco.

Thanks to global warming, the winters in San Francisco have been fairly mild in the last few years.  Still, all San Franciscans seem shocked the first day that it drops into the 40’s overnight and it doesn’t reach 60 the following day.  This morning it was 48 degrees when I was walking to work and you can tell that the “walking commuters” were not amused.

The problem is that most of people in this city don’t have “real” winter coats unless they moved here from the Midwest or the East Coast.  Most San Franciscans have mid-weight coats and supplement with sweaters and scarves (layers) as needed.  This method works as long as you read the forecast before leaving the house in the morning.  But if you don’t, you are screwed.

Still, I heard that in Boston it was 13 degrees today with a wind chill of 0 degrees so we shouldn’t complain.