No, I am not talking about the Dove Shack from the LBC,  I am talking about Radio Shack!  The company has decided in their infinite wisdom to drop the antiquated “radio” from their name and simply be referred to as “The Shack.”  Yeah, that doesn’t sound antiquated at all, right!?

Just to prove that they are not antiquated, they are setting up two huge (14ft x 17ft) laptops in Justin Hermann Plaza, San Francisco and in Times Square, New York for three days.  The laptops will deliver bi-coastal images to each other via live webcam.  Becuase nothing says “leading edge” than 10-year-old webcam technology, right!?  The laptop event will be setup from Thursday, August 6th through Saturday, August 8th.

I may go to Justin Hermann Plaza tomorrow during my lunch break to see hilarity ensue as kids “wave” at each other from San Francisco to New York using a huge live webcams.  I wonder how many middle fingers we will see?  Just sayin’.

No news as to when the website and stores will be completely re-branded.  They will have to lose the “R” logo that looks like the registered symbol to make this all happen.  Stay tuned.