Adam Jackson

Last week, the paper did a story about a website called, which broadcast images from two webcams pointed at a Tenderloin street corner.  The site appealed to the voyeuristic tendencies of many and became very popular locally and around the world.  The owner of the site, Adam Jackson, was trying to make the neighborhood safer by setting up the webcams.

Neighborhood groups took notice and started watching the cameras live feeds because they realized they could report crimes happening on the street to the police in real time. The site was an undeniable hit.  Adam had decided to use the site’s popularity to raise some money for the Glide Memorial Church, a Tenderloin community institution.

Well, what a difference a week makes.

Since then, Adam has been targeted by cyberbullies, has received death threats, has been followed by men in hoodies, has had rocks thrown at his apartment windows, and had someone call his employer to accuse him of being a pedophile.  In short, thugs from the neighborhood have tried to ruin his life.  Adam was a bit naive and disclosed his physical and email addresses, as well as his phone number.  This made it particularly easy for thugs to find him and harass him.  He took down the site and is now looking to move.

But this is not over.  An unnamed party has already setup a camera at a different Tenderloin street corner and at least three other sites have sprung up independently.  There is now talk about linking all of them together through a site called  Adam claims that having 24-hour webcams all over the city was his idea all along.  And if that happens, street thugs will not be able to take them all down.