Last year I posted a cool skateboarding video that won Transworld Skateboarding’s inaugural Skate & Create video competition last year. The 2009 Skate & Create competition winner, by etnies, is pretty awesome as well. However, I still like last year’s winner more because of the music by The Dodos.

Hubba Revisited by foxxyz

Hubba Hideout is a legendary San Francisco skate spot in the financial district that has been glamorized in video games like EA’s Skate. It was very popular back in the 90’s but was made “unskateable” with the use of anti-skate studs put in place by the Embarcadero Center maintenance crews circa late 2001. Guerrilla skaters have since removed the anti-skate studs from the bottom stairs to make it partially skateable again.

I watched some skaters rip this thing up at lunch time back in the summer of 2001, before the studs were put in place. My office was just a half block away. Below is a great video documentary of the spot made back in 2001, when I saw some great lunch time sessions.

There were no skate commercials when I was growing up.  Let alone sweet ones like this one.  This extended commercial features P. Rod and Ice Cube and even has a guest appearance by Kobe.  I don’t even skate and I would consider getting a pair of these kicks.

TWS Skate-and-Create DVS

This is one of the coolest skateboarding videos I have ever seen.  The video was made by DVS and won the Transworld Skateboarding Skate-and-Create competition this year.  Good concept, great tricks, and amazing lighting put this one up there with the old Powell-Peralta classics.  I wasn’t a big fan of the music initially, but then it grew on me.  Is this The Killers?  Anyway, the visuals are just stunning.  Big ups.