Boston Rob and Amber Mariano of “Survivor” and later “Amazing Race” fame had a baby girl earlier this month.  Still no word on what the hell happened to Rob Mariano’s super reality TV show, “Tontine,” with it’s fancy schmancy $10 million prize.  According to Rob’s Wikipedia page, the show was cast and supposed to film in early 2008 and air in the Fall of 2008.  Neither has happened and it is probably fair to say that “Tontine” is more like “Saltines” at this point.  I guess that congrats on the baby and condolences on the TV show are in order.

At the San Diego auditions for Rob Mariano’s new reality show, Tontine, a guy was apparently heckling Rob and giving him a hard time. It is unclear exactly what happened, but the guy, who had just been interviewed, threw water at Rob and shoved Rob when approached.

Rob kept telling the guy to walk away and he proceeded to shove Rob again. Rob immediately retaliated with two right jabs. The first jab connected because the guy dug his head into the chest of the staffer trying to separate them.

Eat your heart out Probst! I bet you’ve wanted to do this to some of your contestants for years!