Hef with Playmates

Hef looking a little worried, like he knows he can't make payroll. These hoes aren't cheap!

Earlier this week, Playboy Enterprises Inc. announced that Christie Hefner will step down as CEO of the company that her father built and begin aggressive cost cutting measures. Hugh Hefner in the meantime is now a half-senile, crusty 83-year-old man that still sleeps with young beautiful women girls.  In recent years he shrunk his harem down from 7 to 3 girls, which are now featured in The Girls Next Door reality show.

How anyone would be okay seeing this guy’s shriveled bits is beyond me.  Technically he is still married to Kimberly Conrad, the playmate who he married and fathered two kids with in the late 90’s.  And who knows when he sees those kids!?  Everytime you see him he looks like he’s chasing down a new piece of ass.  That is after all what’s important to Hef.  It’s so important that there are rumors that he kicked out his 18-year-old son from the Playboy mansion because Hef was afraid that his son “might sleep with the playmates.”  I guess we can add “paternal cockblocker” to his list of offenses.

Well, I have to wonder if the young girls will keep coming to the Playboy mansion now that the company appears to be in real financial trouble.  If the company files for bankruptcy will it affect the way Hef rolls?  “If you build it [a mansion] they will come” was the old adage, but if the mansion is falling apart will they?  Only time will tell.

This article from Radar Online is a little disturbing, but exposes a lot of what goes on in the Hef’s mansion: Naked Ambition: Secrets for success in the Playboy empire (9/30/2008).  Check it out.