President Obama says on being a dad that “all it takes is a few minutes of your time.”  WTF!?  Are his kids genetically engineered to sleep and be quiet?  Am I doing something wrong?  I can tell you after being a dad for five weeks that it takes a helluva lot longer than a few minutes.  Try like four to five hours per day.  Uh, that’s like 300 minutes each day! *Sigh* I guess all politicians see the world through rose colored glasses.

I just read this great article about the President’s BlackBerry and the security risks associated with its use.  It highlights different ways that spies, with simple equipment, can figure out the President’s real-time location.  Needless to say this would be bad.  However, I have to think that the NSA has thought about all of the possibilities already and are likely issuing new devices to all of the President’s staff at least every other day.  Also, I am sure the President does not roam on foreign network providers with his device.

The signs at the end of Bush Street in San Francisco were changed to read “Begin Obama” instead of “End Bush.”  San Franciscans held a party there earlier today to celebrate the inaugural. Wow, another reason to really love this city.

Barak Obama is Sworn In

There’s really nothing I could add to the coverage by CNN, MSNBC, the BBC and other news organizations about this historic day.  Except to say that it was a very emotional moment for me when Obama was sworn in as President.  Sure, we all knew the moment was coming, I for one was looking forward to it for months.  But the moment caught me off guard and I was still filled with emotion.  I wept.  Brown and black kids my age never dreamed of becoming President.

Sure, we were told by teachers that if we worked really hard we could become lawyers or doctors, but nobody believed that being President was even remotely possible.  Well now it is.

It’s my birthday today–this is the best one by far.

Obama and Kid

I think the title of the post says it all.  Here are a couple of photo essays profiling Barack Obama and his historic campaign to the White House: Boston Globe, November 5, 2008, Callie Shell, May, 2008 (please click on “More Images” several times to load them all).  The photo above is from the Boston Globe profile. Enjoy.

Obama Addressing Supporters

It’s finally over.  Barack Obama clinched the nomination.  Yeah, I know this should come as no surprise.  This was been seen by many as a mathematic inevitability as far back as 2 months ago.  Now I am sad to see the talking heads, and the Hillary Clinton campaign I am sure, talking about Barack possibly taking Hillary as a running mate.  Bill Clinton in fact has reportedly been speaking to Democratic party leaders behind closed doors in an attempt to compel Barack to give Hillary the vice president nod.

Not only did Hillary not concede the nomination to Barack, she implied that she would not make a decision until she spoke with Democratic party leaders.  It was almost as if she was saying that she was holding her millions of supporters hostage from the rest of the party if she didn’t get the vice presidential nod from the Obama campaign.  Really!?  She has graduated from being the psycho ex-girlfriend of the Democratic party to demanding a common law marriage from the party.

“I want half the ticket.”  That’s what she wants.

Well, too bad.  After all of the mean-spirited attacks that the Clintons, and their minions, have waged against Barack I think it’s arrogant and delusional for Hillary to think that all will be forgiven and she would simply be handed half of the ticket for her efforts.  Think again.  There are many a Southerner out there that could help Barack with the “white blue-collar” vote.  I think that an Obama-Edwards ticket would not only get the white blue collar vote, but would not tarnish the primary tenet of the campaign: change.  It’s just too bad that I didn’t register when it wasn’t registered.

Hillary, just concede, tell your supporters to vote for Barack and go away!  Really!

According to Matier & Ross (see third story in the following link), the Gettys will be hosting a $2,300 per plate fundraiser for Barack Obama in their Pacific Heights mansion this weekend where 400 people are expected to attend.  This makes the event the “hottest ticket in town.”  Amazingly, the story claims that Mayor Gavin Newsom will not be attending because he supports Hillary Clinton.

What!?  The Mayor is basically biting the hand that fed him for years and helped make him a multi-millionaire and a political force.  It it wasn’t for the Gettys, Gavin would be successful, but he would not be nearly as wealthy as he is now, let alone be Mayor of The City.  I wonder what the Clintons did for Gavin that makes him feel he owes them his loyal support in Hillary’s campaign.  It must have been something pretty good.  Oh if only walls could talk.

Barack Obama’s charisma and influence extends beyond international boundaries. Obama wrote a letter to the residents of the Japanese town that shares his name. The residents of Obama were overjoyed and are rooting for Obama to win the democratic nomination later today.


With wins in Wisconsin and Hawaii, Obama has made it 10 contest wins in a row against Hillary. My friend that lives in Hawaii said that the turnout at the Hawaiian democratic caucuses were 4 to 5 times more than expected. At his local polling place, there were 500 people that showed up to vote for Obama. So many people in fact that the polling place ran out of democratic registration forms. I guess only about 100 people were expected to show up. Obama’s message of hope even inspires the seemingly disenfranchised to show up and vote! That’s something!

What a difference a weeks makes! Obama has won the last eight contests since Super Tuesday and is now leading Hilary in delegates, even with all of Hilary’s super delegate support. If she doesn’t stop Obama in Texas and Ohio she could be done. Obama has the momentum!

After Super Tuesday, Hillary Clinton has a slight lead in the delegate count over Barack Obama. Obama won more states, but Hillary won more votes because she won California. They both claimed victory last night, but the battle continues.

I am reading through the news on my way to the polls and can’t help but notice that everyone seems a little depressed in this country. It’s not just Britney Spears that needs help, but her life is one of the few that gets played out in the public stage. With the housing sector in trouble everyone that owns a home is going a little crazy, and some are bringing those stresses into the office. It looks like everyone in America is in need change in their lives and are looking for more than lip service.

Even people from around the world are upset with America, mostly because of President Bush, and especially in Turkey. Yes, in Turkey, a country that is, or was, one of our staunchest allies hates President Bush with such passion that a new President will be most welcome. Many analysts agree that if Obama is elected, a President of African descent with a Muslim name will go a long way in easing relations and perceptions of America around the globe.

Just because there are two strong Democratic candidates doesn’t mean that it’s a difficult choice. If you are a Democrat and want constructive change then you have to vote for Barack Obama. Mark your ballot with confidence. Even the Kennedys agree that Obama is the best democratic candidate to write the next chapter for America. I am heading to the polls to vote for Obama and so should you.

Barack Obama, The Future of the Democratic Party

Bill Clinton was the star of the first night of the convention. On Monday night he did what Clinton always does. Electrify the crowd with his charisma, en point commentary, and down-to-earth anecdotes. In his inspiring and articulate speech he criticized the Bush Administration’s actions and did not go into personal attacks on George W. Bush. If you didn’t see it, you should read a transcript of his speech–it was excellent.

On Tuesday night, the night belonged to Barack Obama. Obama is a State Senator from Illinois who will soon become a U.S. Senator. He was running against Jack Ryan for the Senate, but Ryan dropped out of the race last month. His speech was awesome! He drew from his personal experience to explain that he is the son of a Kenyan immigrant who came to “a magical place” called America to study. Here he met his mother, a young lady from Kansas. He drew upon his diverse heritage to explain that his story, the story of “a skinny kid with a funny name,” is just a part of the larger American Story and that, in no other country on earth, is his story even possible.

As an immigrant from Puerto Rico, his speech struck a chord with me. He was charismatic, articulate, intelligent, and delivered a flawless speech. I found myself thinking that this man had the charisma to become the first Black President. Please take the time to read a transcript and see a video of his speech, you won’t be dissapointed. Barack Obama is the man to watch in the Democratic party in the next two decades. I wish him the best of luck.