Nirvana Nevermind Cover

The baby on the Nevermind cover is now a 17-year-old aspiring actor, artist and graphic designer.  Spencer Elden just graduated a year early from high school and gets paid up to $1,000 to reenact the Nevermind cover in swimming pools all over Southern California.

Why anyone would want to pay a lanky high school kid $1,000 to jump into a swimming pool is beyond me.  I agree that the cover is historic and an important part of pop culture.  But his participation in the photo doesn’t grant him any special powers or even talent.  Let’s wait and see if this guy leaves a mark in the world before we start worshiping him shall we!  Oh, never mind.

Kudos to CNN for chasing down this special interest story for all the thirty-something, Generation-Xers out there that really do care about Nirvana.