WTF is Dairy Drink?

WTF is Dairy Drink? Via BoingBoing.

In the UK, the face of Jesus was found on caked on cooking grease after a guy cooked a delicious, or dare I say heavenly, burger.

It wouldn’t be 4th of July without Nathan’s hot dog eating contest in Coney Island.  Joey Chestnut of San Jose defended his title by eating 68 hot dogs, with buns, in 10 minutes! Check out the video.  Have a happy and safe 4th of July holiday!

An East Bay family went mushroom hunting on Mount Tam and were poisoned and nearly killed after they ate them.  They ended up hospitalized at UCSF for 8 full days, 4 of them in intensive care.  The moral of the story: don’t be a cheap ass and buy your mushrooms in a store.

I guess not everybody knows about the In-n-Out secret menu. So for all of those that did not grow up in Southern California, here it is:

“3-by-3” = three meat patties and three slices of cheese.
“4-by-4” = four meat patties and four slices of cheese.
“2-by-4” = two meat patties and four slices of cheese.

Note: You can get a burger with as many meat paties or cheese slices as you want. Just tell the cashier how many meat paties and how much cheese you want and that is what you’ll get! For instance, if you want 2 pieces of meat and 6 pieces of cheese tell them you want a “2-by-6.”

“Animal Style” = the meat is grilled with mustard, then pickles, extra spread, and grilled onions are added.
“Whole Grilled Onions” = onions are grilled whole and not chopped like animal style.
“Double Meat” = like a Double Double without cheese.
“3-by-Meat” = three meat patties and no cheese.
“Animal Style Fries” = fries with cheese, spread, grilled onions.
“Protein Style” = this is a burger with no bun, wrapped in lettuce.
“Grilled Cheese” = no meat, but everything else.
“Extra Toast” = buns are extra toasted giving them a crunchy texture.
“Veggie Burger” = aka “Wish Burger,” burger without patty or cheese.
“On the Sal” = this is just lettuce and dressing. Nothing else.
“Animal Fries” = fries with melted cheese, grilled onions, and dressing.
“Fries Well-Done” = extra crispy fries, even better than the regular!
“Fries Light” = opposite of fries well-done, more raw than usual.
“Flying Dutchman” = two meat patties, two slices of melted cheese–nothing else–not even a bun!
“Neopolitan Shake” = strawberry, vanilla and chocolate shake.
“Choco-Vanilla Swirl Shake” = chocolate and vanilla swirled together to perfection.
“Lemon-Up” = half lemonade and half 7-up drink.
“Root Beer Special” = half root beer and half Dr. Pepper
“Tea-Ade” = half iced tea and half lemonade.

Other Trivia and Lingo:

“100-by-100” = legend has it that this was ordered by a group of four celebrating a birthday. However, according to an employee, the largest order ever filled was “50-by-50.”
“500-by-500” = a bogus order made by a fraternity–it wasn’t filled.
“Volcano Top” = years ago they would hollow out the bread bun and fill it with extra ketchup. However, according to an employee, they are not allowed to touch the bun after the burger is made now so this doesn’t exist anymore.
“Home Run” = this is when a car passes by the microphone without ordering and cruises right up to the service window.
“Homeless Style” = cheese, grilled onions, and spread left over on wrapper after one has consumed burger. Usually found in trash cans or trays left on picnic tables.