The L.A. wildfires are coming “Straight Outta Mordor.” Via BoingBoing.

Some mofo is lighting cars on the streets of San Francisco on fire in the middle of the night!  Last night 4 cars were torched, and authorities say that the count is up to a dozen cars.  People that park on the street are not scared, they are pissed.  I feel sorry for the bloodshed that will take place when someone catches this guy around their car.  This case is ripe for some sweet vigilante justice.  Stay tuned.

A huge underground explosion in the Tenderloin today knocked out power for 3,500 people.  As of this writing the power is still out.  I wondered what the hell was going on when I saw two helicopters hovering over what I thought was the Civic Center earlier today.  This must have been it.