Odd Todd has 10 new tips for the unemployed on his site.  He’s doing the tips countdown style, like David Letterman, and started with tip #10 a few weeks ago.  I used to love watching the Odd Todd cartoons during the 2001 dot-com implosion.  It now turns out that what is old is new again.  Check it out.

In today’s economy it’s it’s good to hear that someone is making money.  A cafe owner in Ohio is thriving by allowing customers to pay what they think is fair for a meal.  This is what they do in small towns in Europe and apparently it works here too!

The Virgin Megastore on Market and Stockton Streets is liquidating its inventory, announcing that it will be closing its doors in late April.  The company cites declining sales due to online downloads.  With on-demand downloads over satellite and cable, iTunes, AppleTV, Netflix streaming, and others, it’s no wonder they are going down.  It’s a bit ironic that the iPods which helped fuel this trend are sold directly directly across the street at the Apple store on Stockton.  Buh-bye.

This scary ass graph shows 3.6 million jobs lost in 13 months!

This scary ass graph shows 3.6 million jobs lost in 13 months!

Nancy Pelosi’s blog posted this scary jobs graph that shows what 3.6 million jobs lost in 13 months looks like.  The graph shows the job losses (from the peak job month) for each of the last two recessions as a comparison.  This really shows how much worse it is this time around. Because by all estimates there are more jobs that will be lost before it starts getting better.

This is bad! I cannot believe that there isn’t more public outrage at the Senate Republicans trying to hijack and/or obstruct the stimulus bill approved by the House and remove aid to the states that will help create an additional 600,000 jobs.