The first dot-com domain was registered by Symbolics, Inc. on March 15, 1985. Symbolics, Inc. was a computer manufacturer that created machines that ran the LISP programming language and was in operation until July, 2005. After that a privately held company bought its intellectual property and assets and continues to operate under the name Symbolics but using the domain name. The new Symbolics company sold the domain name to a domain name investment broker called in August, 2007.

Happy anniversary to dot-coms everywhere!

Yahoo! announced today that it is laying off another 1,500.

I just saw this film called E-Dreams. I didn’t realize that the movie was about when I started watching it and was a bit surprised. Surprised at the amount of funding that Park raised and how quickly it grew. Momentum. They had it. Had the market not gone down they would have completed their IPO and made a lot of mofos wealthy. If they couldn’t pull it off, then iMind had no chance. It’s a great movie that brought back some of that good ol’ dot-com nostalgia.