Bobby Jindal delivered the GOP’s response to President Obama’s speech in the most condescending tone possible.  I was insulted not because I am a democrat, but because I am an American adult!  Others have already said that he was channeling Kenneth the Page from NBC’s 30 Rock.   Honestly, it would have been better if the GOP had simply outsourced the speech to an Indian call center instead.  At least the people in those call centers talk to us like adults! At least the speech would have ended with “Thank you for calling AT&T customer care.”

And where was the reasoning and logic?  He was saying that the government’s lack of a proper response for Katrina is proof that there should be less government.  Huh!?  That doesn’t even make sense.  If he had said that Katrina was proof that people need government during disastrous times then I would agree.  Or that there were mistakes made in the Katrina response and government should learn its lesson from the disaster, then maybe. But my absolute favorite part of the speech nursery rhyme was when he said that Republicans had given the American public good reason to not be trusted, but you know, trust us please!

Also, Jindal clearly did not read Obama’s speech before writing his “response” since he was saying essentially the same message.  Except Jindal chose to sound like a condescending douche.  Better than Palin?  Yes.  Awesome?  Not even close.  Chris Matthews on MSNBC summed it up perfectly before the beginning of the speech.  His mic was still on the air when he blurted out his preemptive annoyance with the speech, “Oh God!”  Indeed.