Babies 'R' Us Closed

I knew from the moment I walked into the Babies ‘R’ Us store near Serramonte that I hated that store.  The coin-operated kid ride at the front of the store with the loud and obnoxious music, the fake smiling employees, the dim fluorescent lights, the blandness of a box-shaped store.  And a creepy feeling on the back of my neck as I browsed through a row of over 40 strollers.  Really!?  Over 40 different strollers!?  I knew something was afoot.  It is the reason why we registered for baby gifts on instead of using Babies ‘R’ Us.  And their prices sucked!

Well, my apprehension was well founded.  Babies ‘R’ Us has been caught price fixing.  It seems they have ripped off parents for years and years by forcing manufacturers to not discount their crap through other online channels.  I hope they lose their ass on the pending class-action suit.  Bastards!