Apparently, the hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of seals at Fisherman’s Wharf have dwindled to just a handful since Thanksgiving.

According to the article, the seals magically appeared after the Loma Prieta Eartquake in 1989 and have been a part of Fisherman’s Wharf for over 20 years. Now they are gone. Scientists think they are searching for food. Is this an ominous sign of another large earthquake on the horizon?

It all seems a bit mysterious.

A friend of mine told me about this bird that is attacking passers-by on Front Street, between Sacramento and California Streets.  This CNN video shows people getting jacked by the bird as they walk on the sidewalk last week.  Someone told me the bird is still terrorizing people.  Beware humans.

In China, a sewer snake came came up from a toilet and bit a man’s penis.  Crazy.

The chimp that attacked a woman in Connecticut reportedly had a closer relationship with its owner than those of some married couples. The chimp bathed, dined, and even slept with its crazy-as-bat-shit owner.

Needless to say, he was likely acting crazy becuase he was living with a crazy woman.  Never mind the fact that he is a wild animal.  According to animal experts, he likely thought he was protecting his mate when he attacked the owner’s friend.

Sad to think the chimp could have been free in the jungle somewhere instead of playing husband to a crazy widow.

Monkey Waiter

In a small tavern north of Tokyo, there are two monkeys that are waiters!  The two monkeys are certified by the local authorities to work at the tavern for a maximum of two hours a day.  Awesome.

You really have to check out the video to believe it.  I think the people in the restaurant must be locals that go to the tavern often because they don’t seem too fazed that the monkey is getting their drinks.  I need to totally go to this place the next time I am in Japan to see it for myself.  It may make me nervous to grab my beer from the monkey, but I just have to see this for myself.