Gone without any explanation.

Dropped from the show like a bad habit!

I normally don’t comment on American Idol news because there are many more blogs dedicated to analyzing and over-analyzing every aspect of the show.  But I was shocked to find out that one of the contestants that “made it” into the final 36 contestants last night was already disqualified this morning.  Clearly, they could have disqualified crazy-as-bat-shit contestant Tatiana Del Toro before getting rid of this girl.

Joanna Pacitti was disqualified for unknown reasons.  Fans were already clamoring for her downfall because she had a recording contract with Geffen in the past. Many were urging the show to make a rule change to not allow those with previous record contracts on the show.  Well, perhaps they changed the rules but they are not saying.  Hell, her picture and bio are gone from the American Idol website already!

Bottom line, music seems to be a lot like fashion, one moment you are in and then you are out!