The Amazing Race is one of my favorite TV shows. The last couple of seasons have kind of sucked, but I am still a loyal fan. I think that this video clip from the upcoming Amazing Race 17 shows what makes the show so good. It brings people out of their comfort zones and puts them in situations where they may get hurt. I love the slow motion replay too. TAR 17 premieres on September 26th.

A semi truck driver with a full cargo of pears reportedly took the S-curve on the Bay Bridge a little too fast this morning and “BLAM-O!” He drove his truck through the concrete barrier and off the bridge plummeting some 200 feet to his death. I have not driven the new S-curve, but those that have claim that it is hairy for cars at more than 45MPH and according to authorities the truck was traveling in excess of 50MPH with a full cargo of pears!

Still, you would think that truck drivers, who drive for a living, would have a better sense of braking distances for their cargo than the average person. If you ask me, this guy just fell asleep at the wheel at 3:30am. RIP.

A Turkish man cheats death by escaping a collision between a train and a truck with only minor injuries.  Incredible!

Another jet crash lands in London–all survive.  How many more crashes!?

A Continental flight heading from Newark to Buffalo crashed last night killing 50 people.  Also just before Christmas, a Continental flight had mechanical problems with its landing gear (and possibly the engine) in Denver, Colorado, veered off a runway and injured three dozen passengers.  That’s two crashes in two months for one airline!  I think it is fair to say that the Continental fleet is not being maintained as well as it should.

A pilot crashed his plane into a residential area near Miramar today and killed two people that were inside their homes.  Not really what you expect from a pilot landing on the revered “Top Gun” base.  Pretty lame.  Can you imagine chillin’ at home watching TV or reading a book only to be crushed to death by a plane!  Tragic.

Update (12/9/2008): Three dead, one missing

Tanker Crash

A tanker truck crashed and exploded at around 6am this morning on I-880 in Oakland.  Luckily nobody was injured in the explosion.  As of this writing, the freeway remains closed while the mess gets cleaned up.

The truck was carrying over 8,000 gallons of gasoline that shot flames 50 feet up in the air and caused a fire that burned so hot that it melted the asphalt, plastic along a fence on the side of the freeway, telephone poles, electrical wires and half of a speed-limit sign.

This crash is reminiscent of the tanker crash in April 2007 which melted parts of the MacArthur maze.  Luckily, it looks as though the freeway will not have to be rebuilt after this incident.