I’ve been watching Jonathan almost beat the shit out of Victoria in the Amazing Race 6. Just last week, right before entering the Pitstop, Jonathan yelled, “Why did you pick up my bag!?” and pushed Victoria violently. How does this compare to people like Puck, from the Real World San Francisco, or Richard Hatch from the first Survivor. Or more recently, Johnny Fairplay from Survivor: Pearl Islands or Omarosa from the Apprentice.

So the question, who is the biggest villain in reality TV history? Of course, this list is comprised of villains that I can remember from shows that I’ve seen. So if you have other nominees please leave a comment explaining who you would vote for and why.

A lot of people have been voicing their disapproval of my post, titled Live Strong Rich. In the post earlier this month, I brought to everyone’s attention that the Live Strong bracelets that the Lance Armstrong Foundation sells are going for more than $5 on Ebay, and I wished I had some to sell. Since the foundation already received their dollar for the bracelets that these people should be able to profit from having the supply for the increasing demand. You know, the free market system. A lot of people don’t agree. What do you think, should authentic Live Strong bracelets be sold on Ebay? Please vote and post a comments.

Update: Buy Live Strong bands here.

I am already tired of the Michael Jakson case, just like I grew tired of the civil lawsuit that was brought against him back in 1993. It’s pretty obvious that the people bringing these allegations against Jackson are basing them on fact, or some resemblance of fact.

At the very least, Jackson is a grown man that likes to sleep with kids. At its worst, he’s a pedophile that deserves to burn in hell–slowly. Maybe Macaulay Culkin will come clean after years of therapy and talk about macking with Michael. But until then we only have allegations, rumors, and innuendo. Perhaps this case will put the rumors to rest once and for all.

My friend Meerenai suggested this vote and I agreed to publish it because it is funny as hell and because I wanted to move the picture of Michael off my blog’s front page. Two birds with one stone. The question: Would you send your kids to a slumber party at Michael Jackson’s house?

With publicity in the Kobe Bryant sexual assault case reaching mammoth proportions, I have to wonder if Vanessa Bryant will want to stand by her man throughout the whole incident. Pictures of Katelyn Kristine Faber (also seen as Kaitlyn Kristine Faber) are abound, the press is in a frenzy, the fans are anxious, it’s crazy! So it begs the question, do you think Vanessa Bryant will leave Kobe at anytime between now and the end of the impending trial, or possibly after the trial? Let me know what you think.

Prosecutors met with sheriff’s officials today to discuss the possibility of pressing charges against Kobe Bryant, the Lakers camp has scheduled a conference call for 5:00PM ET, and speculation on exactly what happened in Colorado is running wild. What do you think? Is Kobe guilty of these allegations?

All kinds of crazy things went on in the news this week that I didn’t get a chance to blog about. It was a week filled with scandal and deception of epic proportions. Let’s recap. Sammy Sosa got caught cheating in Baseball, editors at the New York Times resigned due to the Jayson Blair incident, Scott Peterson’s lawyers claimed that wiretaps on their client were illegal, and Martha Stewart was indicted in federal court. So it begs the question, in the end, who committed the biggest offense?

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Who do you think will win the NBA Finals? I promise that even though I bleed purple and gold, I will not ban you from the site for answering anything but the Lakers. Promise. Really!

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I have to admit that the war is a distraction for me. I find myself checking CNN and MSNBC at least once an hour for information on the war and the major players. By the way, Bahrain has offered Saddam safe exile, but I doubt he’ll take it. The deadline Bush gave Saddam is Wednesday, 5PM PST. It begs the question, when do you think the war will start?

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I’ve already asked this before, but current events beg the question again. It’s obvious Americans care about reality TV more than they care about the pending war in Iraq or North Korea. The networks are going to introduce 22 more reality shows for the next season alone. There’s no sense in fighting it–resistance is futile. So, what’s your favorite reality show?

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After yesterday’s blog entry in which I thought back to simpler times, I thought that it would be great to find out exactly how much time the average person spends on the Internet. Just with keeping up with the current events, email, and shopping adds up to a substantial time commitment. So, on the average, how much time do you spend on the Internet daily?

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It seems that everyone I know is using Instant Messaging (IM). Unfortunately, not everyone is using the same client, which makes communicating difficult. There are special clients like Trillian out there that allow you to login to Yahoo, AIM, ICQ, and MSN all at once. However, the Trillian client is not as robust as the individual IM clients. Which IM client do you use?

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Michael Jackson has been all over the news lately, culminating with yesterday’s bizarre baby dangling incident. So I have to ask what is MJ’s biggest problem–there’s a myriad of items to choose from.

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The Washington Sniper is out of control and police are resorting to the “please call us” method of crime fighting. There’s already talk of a Hollywood movie being made about the events of the last three weeks. So, I have to ask what the method actor will ask: What’s this guy’s motivation?

With all this fuss about American Idol I have to ask, which has been the best reality show of all time. If you vote “other”, please enter your favorite show in the comments section below (voting closed).

With all of the crazy things going on in the world right now, what are you worried about the most (voting closed)?.