This lady is bat shit crazy and clearly off her meds. She seriously thinks that Obama and reptile aliens will kill us all (video link). If this lady watches the TV show V when it comes back on air, she may actually think it’s a news report.

Meg Whitman has famously spent more than $140 million of her own money running for governor of our grand state and is still trailing Jerry Brown just two weeks before the election by 13 points. This is proof positive that all the money in the world can’t make you likable when you are as unlikable as Meg Whitman. I mean just look at her! If she loses the election (which seems likely and makes me really giddy) it may make her the biggest loser in the history of politics.

Meg Whitman has a bunch of ads that claim that she came to California 30 years ago because it was so effing awesome back then. Well, someone at the Jerry Brown campaign remembered that Jerry Brown was the governor 30 years ago (see awesome ad below). Zing! Thank you, Meg Whitman, you just helped your opponent make his best argument: “I have been governor and you have not.” Game. Set. Match. Adios.

Sarah Palin supporters were asked in detail what issues or policies they support for her 2012 presidential bid at a recent book signing. Wow! My favorite comment: “The state that she did govern was right across the street from Russia” at around the 4:50 mark. “We just want to meet Sarah Palin!”

Senator Al Franken drew a pretty accurate free hand map of the United States at the Minnesota State Fair.  I bet that very few people in congress could do this just for their own state, let alone the whole country!  Wouldn’t it be cool if this was a requirement to get into congress!  I think there would be some very different, and likely smarter, people in office.

Palin is resigning from the governor’s office.  Nobody can really understand this move, not even the best political analysts.  She is looking like she is abandoning the state of Alaska when things get a little tough.  She quit only one day after Vanity Fair published an awesome, scathing profile on Palin with the assistance of McCain staffers which elaborate on why they thought she was a “whack job.” Well, I say good riddance you crazy bitch!  Let’s all set off some fireworks tonight to celebrate this momentous event.

Our mayor’s hair has a Twitter account, and a charming personality.  Comedy.

Bobby Jindal delivered the GOP’s response to President Obama’s speech in the most condescending tone possible.  I was insulted not because I am a democrat, but because I am an American adult!  Others have already said that he was channeling Kenneth the Page from NBC’s 30 Rock.   Honestly, it would have been better if the GOP had simply outsourced the speech to an Indian call center instead.  At least the people in those call centers talk to us like adults! At least the speech would have ended with “Thank you for calling AT&T customer care.”

And where was the reasoning and logic?  He was saying that the government’s lack of a proper response for Katrina is proof that there should be less government.  Huh!?  That doesn’t even make sense.  If he had said that Katrina was proof that people need government during disastrous times then I would agree.  Or that there were mistakes made in the Katrina response and government should learn its lesson from the disaster, then maybe. But my absolute favorite part of the speech nursery rhyme was when he said that Republicans had given the American public good reason to not be trusted, but you know, trust us please!

Also, Jindal clearly did not read Obama’s speech before writing his “response” since he was saying essentially the same message.  Except Jindal chose to sound like a condescending douche.  Better than Palin?  Yes.  Awesome?  Not even close.  Chris Matthews on MSNBC summed it up perfectly before the beginning of the speech.  His mic was still on the air when he blurted out his preemptive annoyance with the speech, “Oh God!”  Indeed.

This scary ass graph shows 3.6 million jobs lost in 13 months!

This scary ass graph shows 3.6 million jobs lost in 13 months!

Nancy Pelosi’s blog posted this scary jobs graph that shows what 3.6 million jobs lost in 13 months looks like.  The graph shows the job losses (from the peak job month) for each of the last two recessions as a comparison.  This really shows how much worse it is this time around. Because by all estimates there are more jobs that will be lost before it starts getting better.

This is bad! I cannot believe that there isn’t more public outrage at the Senate Republicans trying to hijack and/or obstruct the stimulus bill approved by the House and remove aid to the states that will help create an additional 600,000 jobs.

Blago is gone, but his hair and crazy-as-bat-shit speeches will be missed.
Parting is such sweet sorrow.
Barak Obama is Sworn In

There’s really nothing I could add to the coverage by CNN, MSNBC, the BBC and other news organizations about this historic day.  Except to say that it was a very emotional moment for me when Obama was sworn in as President.  Sure, we all knew the moment was coming, I for one was looking forward to it for months.  But the moment caught me off guard and I was still filled with emotion.  I wept.  Brown and black kids my age never dreamed of becoming President.

Sure, we were told by teachers that if we worked really hard we could become lawyers or doctors, but nobody believed that being President was even remotely possible.  Well now it is.

It’s my birthday today–this is the best one by far.

Bush ducking to avoid the first thrown shoe

Bush ducking to avoid the first thrown shoe

An Iraqi journalist hurled insults and both of his shoes at lame duck President George W. Bush at a press conference in Baghdad earlier today.

The President ducked to avoid being hit by the flying shoes and the man that threw them was quickly accosted.  Nobody was hurt and neither shoe connected, but the situation made for some funny photos.

Now that there’s a President-Elect, people are less afraid of letting Bush know exactly how they feel about him.

Update: Here’s the video of the lame duck ducking.

Gavin Newsom is putting his State of the City address on YouTube, all 7 1/2 hours of it.  Yeah, that’s not a typo.  Our mayor tends to be a little long winded at times what can I say.  The address will be divided into 45 minute chunks covering a myriad of topics, such as healthcare, education, and the environment. These were the first three parts released over the weekend with more to come throughout the week.

It’s easy, just go to the mayor’s YouTube channel.  Once there they can listen to the mayor for 5 minutes or 5 hours. This is a pretty good idea because the mayor can clearly talk as much as he wants, but people can listen to the topics that they are interested in and skip those which they are not.  The mayor does like to spit the statistics, so you better be interested in the topic before you start the video.  Trust me.  Check them out when you get a chance.

Obama and Kid

I think the title of the post says it all.  Here are a couple of photo essays profiling Barack Obama and his historic campaign to the White House: Boston Globe, November 5, 2008, Callie Shell, May, 2008 (please click on “More Images” several times to load them all).  The photo above is from the Boston Globe profile. Enjoy.

Getty Home Interior

The week before the election, Mama and I had the opportunity to go to a political fundraiser at the Getty mansion in San Francisco’s Billionaire’s Row. It is the same place where Obama held a fundraiser earlier this year. Our friend, Owen O’Donnell was running for the District 5 seat in the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. He lost to the incumbent, Ross Mirkarimi, but not before having a fund raising event at the home of Gordon and Ann Getty.

It was a surreal experience to say the least. It is actually two lots side-by-side with one huge home on both lots. The place looked like a museum inside and decorated in crazy-rich-people décor, a lot like Hearst Castle. Mostly antiques. As you enter, there is a very long hallway with a large atrium on the left flanked by tall columns. The atrium accommodated almost 100 people within it, as our friend spoke to the crowd using the natural acoustics of the room. Yes, it is all indoors.

Beyond the atrium was a parlor setup with multiple chairs, like a living room. Unlike most living rooms, there were four separate seating areas where guests could partake in four separate discussions. The parlor was large enough to accommodate four groups of 8-10 people. Yes, a couple of the chairs in that room cost more than my condo. And that is not even taking into account the art on the walls, all originals. Crazy.

The three rooms in the house that I saw had priceless antiques, art that museum curators would kill for, hand-painted panels, and antique rugs. Keep in mind that this is the part of the main house that is used for entertaining, not where they live. So, in a sense, we got a good idea of how billionaires entertain, but not how billionaires live, since the living area was closed off to guests.

By the way, I didn’t take any photos during the event. I don’t know if it was allowed.  All I know is that nobody was taking them and I forgot my camera.  The photo above is from the Ann Getty House website. Ann Getty sells her furniture and interior design by photographing them in the entertainment area of her home. I do not know that I will ever get a chance to attend an event there, but it certainly felt like a once in a lifetime experience.

I want to congratulate Owen O’Donnell for running a good campaign and wish him the best of luck should he decide to run again in 2012. reports that the RNC spent $150k on fashion for Governor Palin in the month of September alone.  After the questions started coming in to the campaign they said that the stuff they bought for Palin would go to a "charitable purpose," but you know she was totally planning on keeping the clothes if nobody noticed.

Both McCain and Palin decried "gotcha journalism" during an interview with Katie Couric because a voter asked a question of the vice presidential candidate, she said a position which conflicted with McCain, and it was filmed.  In the exchange, Palin said that the U.S. should cross the Pakistan border if needed to "stop the terrorists," which is in stark contrast to McCain’s view on the subject and parallels Obama’s position.  The McCain campaign’s answer: blame it on "gotcha journalism." You have to see it for yourself.  My favorite parts of the video below is how uncomfortable McCain is when Palin is speaking and then later when Katie Couric makes a face and says, "It wasn’t a ‘gotcha,’ she was talking to a voter!"

It is just proof positive that having cameras follow you 24 hours a day you just can’t be incompetent.  McCain and Palin are redefining the term "epic fail" if they think that the entire country is going to fall for their "stupid is the new smart" campaign.

SNL’s take on the Palin-Couric interview was great!

Matt Damon’s Sarah Palin prophecy comes true, it is a bad Disney movie.

Someone in the McCain campaign held up a BlackBerry at a news conference and said, "he did this." The McCain spokesman went on to say that "Telecommunications of the United States, the premiere innovation in the past 15 years, comes right through the Commerce Committee. So you’re looking at the miracle that John McCain helped create."

So let me get this straight, a guy that does not use email and has been quoted saying that he "watches" the Drudge Report on the Internet when a staffer holds up a computer in front of him, wants to take credit for inventing the "miracle" of the BlackBerry!  That is just too much.  I completely fell out of my chair laughing at this one.  McCain apparently does not want to be outdone by Al Gore "inventing the Internet."

The BlackBerry and other smartphones were really made possible by increased wireless bandwidth (bigger pipes) and the engineering of new wireless transmission protocols, like GPRS and W-CDMA.  Add to that the miniaturization of phones because of Moore’s Law and you have the necessary components to make a smart phone.  I guarantee you that McCain had nothing to do with Moore’s Law or the development of any wireless transmission protocols.

At best, the only government organization that can take some credit for the creation of the BlackBerry and other smartphones would be the FCC for auctioning the wireless spectrum in the U.S. to the telecom companies.  The Commerce Committee had absolutely nothing to do with the BlackBerry.  Even if the committee impacted the telecom industry in the U.S., as the McCain spokesman says, the company that makes the BlackBerry is based in Canada and sells its devices worldwide!

I have $20 that says that McCain and his lamers have no idea that the BlackBerry was not created in the United States.  How can anyone with a working brain, Republican or Democrat, have any respect for McCain or even take anything he or his campaign says seriously?  I guess that the "fundamentals of his campaign are strong."  You know, the whole making stuff up part.

Some argue that the McCain spokesperson said the BlackBerry comment on purpose to distract from the comments made by McCain just yesterday that "the fundamentals of our economy are strong."  I do not think that anyone would act this dumb on purpose.  That would mean that the McCain campaign plan is to say a new outrageous lie every day and hope that nobody has the time to fact check them all before election day.  Sad.

Tucker Bounds, McCain spokesman, was beatdown on all cable news networks.  Even Fox Fixed News got into the act of lambasting Tucker.  Wow, you know you have going too far if your "friends" are turning their back on you.  Even Bush’s Brain, Karl Rove, said that the McCain ads "cannot pass the…truth test."

After the jump (via Gawker), some comments claim that Tucker pulled his own feed cable in the MSNBC interview to get out of finishing the interview, which started bad and was getting worse.  This guy is like a human piñata that they put in front of cameras instead of McCain and Palin answering questions about their lies.

My favorite, when McCain said yesterday that "the fundamentals of the economy are strong" as Lehman folded, Merrill sold to BofA, and AIG panics on cashflow problems. McCain: I know that you are really old an probably losing your facilities, but our banks are the fundamental building blocks of our economy you moron!  Insane McCain in the membrane!

The video below is Rage Against the Machine (RATM) protesting at the Republican National Convention yesterday.  After their attempt to take the stage was stopped by police, RATM took to the crowd with an acapella performance armed with only a megaphone, and thousands of fans, RATM played a couple of short renditions of Bulls on Parade and Killing in the Name Of.

Let me tell you about these guys.  These guys have certainly sold enough records to never have to work again for the rest of their lives.  They are millionaires many times over.  So are they relaxing in their mansions and watching the convention on television?  Nope.  These guys went to the RNC to stand up and protest against the Republicans.  Right outside with all the other protesters.  You gotta love ’em.

I have always thought that Paris Hilton is not as dumb and airy as she plays herself out to be at times.  After all, she is the daughter of a billionaire and has had a high quality education.  She certainly did a great job responding to McCain in the video below.  From what I hear, she did this video response in only four takes from memory, so take that McCain!

See more Paris Hilton videos at Funny or Die

History was made yesterday as same-sex couples legally married.  They should be careful what they wish for.  Because sadly, the first same-sex divorce is going to happen in a few weeks.  That is what happens when people marry, some will inevitably divorce.  But I am sure the first same-sex divorce will not be nearly as publicized.  Either way, yesterday was a happy day for many.  Big ups.

Obama Addressing Supporters

It’s finally over.  Barack Obama clinched the nomination.  Yeah, I know this should come as no surprise.  This was been seen by many as a mathematic inevitability as far back as 2 months ago.  Now I am sad to see the talking heads, and the Hillary Clinton campaign I am sure, talking about Barack possibly taking Hillary as a running mate.  Bill Clinton in fact has reportedly been speaking to Democratic party leaders behind closed doors in an attempt to compel Barack to give Hillary the vice president nod.

Not only did Hillary not concede the nomination to Barack, she implied that she would not make a decision until she spoke with Democratic party leaders.  It was almost as if she was saying that she was holding her millions of supporters hostage from the rest of the party if she didn’t get the vice presidential nod from the Obama campaign.  Really!?  She has graduated from being the psycho ex-girlfriend of the Democratic party to demanding a common law marriage from the party.

“I want half the ticket.”  That’s what she wants.

Well, too bad.  After all of the mean-spirited attacks that the Clintons, and their minions, have waged against Barack I think it’s arrogant and delusional for Hillary to think that all will be forgiven and she would simply be handed half of the ticket for her efforts.  Think again.  There are many a Southerner out there that could help Barack with the “white blue-collar” vote.  I think that an Obama-Edwards ticket would not only get the white blue collar vote, but would not tarnish the primary tenet of the campaign: change.  It’s just too bad that I didn’t register when it wasn’t registered.

Hillary, just concede, tell your supporters to vote for Barack and go away!  Really!

I was watching Saturday Night Live’s opening skit this week in which they depict Hillary Clinton describing her arguments for winning the Democratic party nomination to super delegates as follows: 1) I am a sore loser and will not support Obama if he is the nominee, 2) My supporters are racist and will not vote for Obama if he is the nominee, and 3) I have no ethical standards and will stop at nothing to win against McCain.  Is this really all she has left, fear mongering within her own party to get the nomination?  It appears so.

Wil Wheaton’s blog entry best describes most of my feelings about Hillary Clinton.  I used to support her and respect her, and if it wasn’t for Obama I would likely still be supporting her.  However, I lost all respect for her and her campaign after Geraldine Ferraro when on a racist tirade and she left her unchecked.  I applauded Keith Olbermann for calling her out on this.  I now think that the Clintons will do anything to win, including destroying the Democratic party in the process.  At this point, Hillary is at best the psycho ex-girlfriend of the Democratic party, and at worst she will be like Carrie at the Democratic prom, the convention.  Can anybody stop her?

This was the question being asked by everyone along the planned Olympic Torch route by fans and protesters alike.  Where was the torch!?  Nowhere near the original route (see map below) because the route was changed at the very last minute.  Even members of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors didn’t know about the route change ahead of time.  There were people that came from all over the Bay Area to see the end of the torch run at Justin Herman Plaza who were denied because the torch never got there.  I was bummed that I couldn’t leave work to go see the historic run, but I would have been really pissed if I got to the Embarcadero and there was no torch.  I guess it was a pretty good call not to go.  In all fairness, Newsom warned everyone that this might happen, but it still sucks.  It’s interesting to see the national news coverage from CNN, not nearly as much detail as what you get from SFGate on a local event.

Torch Relay Route Map

Please notice the extra special fuckery of starting at the planned start
of the original route only to almost immediately drive away.  Surprise bitches!

After the craziness in Paris and on the bridge, Mayor Gavin Newsom said the planned 6-mile torch route along the central waterfront and around Fisherman’s Wharf could change up to and even during the relay.  I guess they are going to try and keep the fans and the protesters guessing as to the route until the very last minute.  I predict chaos and hope to be able to get away from work to see it first hand on Wednesday afternoon.

Tibet Bridge Protesters

Three pro-Tibet protesters climbed the cables of the Golden Gate Bridge, reached a height of 150 feet above the roadway, and unfurled pro-Tibet banners earlier today.  One banner read “One World, One Dream, Free Tibet 08,” and the second one read simply “Free Tibet.” The stunt was filmed and photographed from every possible direction (the photo above was taken by a Chronicle reporter) and is sure to garner a lot of national attention.  This protest by Students for a Free Tibet comes just two days before the arrival of the Olympic Torch on Wednesday.

Protesters in Paris were so rowdy that officials extinguished the Olympic Torch and rushed it onto buses at least five times during the parade route.  The Olympic flame itself, lit from the birthplace of the ancient games in Olympia, Greece and used to light the torch, continued to burn in a small lantern inside the bus.  Things got so ugly that the last part of the torch relay was cancelled.  The torch was was to head into a sports stadium in south of Paris at the end of the relay.

Please keep in mind that the protests in London and Paris were in places where there isn’t a large Asian population.  San Francisco will likely have many Chinese and Tibetan people organizing to support and protest the torch relay respectively. And it seems that nobody is on the wrong side of this issue, which makes it complicated. With charged emotions on both sides, expect there to be a brouhaha during the torch route on Wednesday.

The Olympic Torch relay in San Francisco will start at AT&T Park and will make its way up the Embarcadero to Aquatic Park.  It will then return through Fisherman’s Wharf and down the Embarcadero to end its journey at Justin Herman Plaza across from the Ferry Building.  This short 6-mile route will be run from 1:00pm to 3:30pm on Wednesday afternoon.  Let’s get ready to rumble!

Protesters in London tried to snuff out the Olympic Torch during relay but failed.  The torch goes on to Paris tomorrow and will be in San Francisco by Wednesday morning.  Stay tuned for similar mayhem when the torch arrives here.

We walked over to Union Square yesterday not to participate in the Human Rights Torch protest, but to check out the size of the crowd.  Surprisingly, there were only a couple of hundred people there.  There were a bunch of cameras and news crews, so the event was well publicized.  But the attendance was expected to be a couple of thousand.  The guy on the microphone was not very charismatic and couldn’t seem to get the whole crowd excited about the cause.  It seems to me that  the whole protest was a big bust.

Today, the Chronicle ran a story saying that most Asians in San Francisco are fretting at the disrespect being shown to the Olympic Torch by these protests.  Many believe that the Olympic Torch relay should be a celebration of the strong cultural, historic and economic ties between San Francisco and shouldn’t be disrupted by political demonstrations.  Maybe this explains the low turnout yesterday in Union Square which is only a few blocks from Chinatown.

Asians in the city are also not at all pleased about a resolution passed by the Board of Supervisors that called for Gavin Newsom to receive the Olympic Torch with "alarm and protest."  A local attorney and community leader said the following:

"We understand your rights of free speech, by all means, but be a gracious host, be sensitive to the fact that in San Francisco one-third of your inhabitants are Asians…Many of us, Chinese Americans, in the city, we may not be supporting the Chinese government, but to politicize this game and to use this torch relay as a platform to bash China to me is unacceptable."

Since the Olympic Torch is only visiting San Francisco in North America, if public demonstrations or public officials do something to insult the Olympics it will only further sully the image of San Francisco in the eyes of the rest of the country, and the image of America in the eyes of the rest of the world.

According to Matier & Ross (see third story in the following link), the Gettys will be hosting a $2,300 per plate fundraiser for Barack Obama in their Pacific Heights mansion this weekend where 400 people are expected to attend.  This makes the event the “hottest ticket in town.”  Amazingly, the story claims that Mayor Gavin Newsom will not be attending because he supports Hillary Clinton.

What!?  The Mayor is basically biting the hand that fed him for years and helped make him a multi-millionaire and a political force.  It it wasn’t for the Gettys, Gavin would be successful, but he would not be nearly as wealthy as he is now, let alone be Mayor of The City.  I wonder what the Clintons did for Gavin that makes him feel he owes them his loyal support in Hillary’s campaign.  It must have been something pretty good.  Oh if only walls could talk.

Keith Olbermann had the balls to say what the main stream media has only been slightly hinting at over the past couple of weeks. The fact that the Clinton campaign’s racial undertones are outrageous and appalling, and that Geraldine Ferraro is a vile and ignorant old hag that has a twenty-year history of spewing racism as part of political discourse.  Click on the "Olbermann Uproar on Ferraro Uproar" video after following the link. I applaud Keith Olbermann for his spot-on analysis and candor.  We need more journalists like this guy.

Barack Obama’s charisma and influence extends beyond international boundaries. Obama wrote a letter to the residents of the Japanese town that shares his name. The residents of Obama were overjoyed and are rooting for Obama to win the democratic nomination later today.

Matt Gonzalez, former president of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors and mayoral candidate, was tapped by Ralph Nader to be a vice-presidential running mate. It’s good to see Mattie G getting back into politics! I know that many of his supporters were heartbroken when he lost the Mayor’s race to Gavin Newsom back in 2003. So much so that, as of this writing, his website is still displaying the loss to Newsom.


With wins in Wisconsin and Hawaii, Obama has made it 10 contest wins in a row against Hillary. My friend that lives in Hawaii said that the turnout at the Hawaiian democratic caucuses were 4 to 5 times more than expected. At his local polling place, there were 500 people that showed up to vote for Obama. So many people in fact that the polling place ran out of democratic registration forms. I guess only about 100 people were expected to show up. Obama’s message of hope even inspires the seemingly disenfranchised to show up and vote! That’s something!

What a difference a weeks makes! Obama has won the last eight contests since Super Tuesday and is now leading Hilary in delegates, even with all of Hilary’s super delegate support. If she doesn’t stop Obama in Texas and Ohio she could be done. Obama has the momentum!

The democratic presidential race is so close that analysts are speculating that an old school back room deal at the Democratic National Convention in August is likely. This would mean that the primaries, caucuses, and the delegate votes will not matter at the end. It would be up to the superdelegates, the delegates that are not chosen by voters but make up 40% of the total, to pick the nominee. The superdelegates are elected officials and high-ranking party operatives who are free to pick whomever they like, regardless of who won what primary. It could be crazy–stay tuned.

After Super Tuesday, Hillary Clinton has a slight lead in the delegate count over Barack Obama. Obama won more states, but Hillary won more votes because she won California. They both claimed victory last night, but the battle continues.

I am reading through the news on my way to the polls and can’t help but notice that everyone seems a little depressed in this country. It’s not just Britney Spears that needs help, but her life is one of the few that gets played out in the public stage. With the housing sector in trouble everyone that owns a home is going a little crazy, and some are bringing those stresses into the office. It looks like everyone in America is in need change in their lives and are looking for more than lip service.

Even people from around the world are upset with America, mostly because of President Bush, and especially in Turkey. Yes, in Turkey, a country that is, or was, one of our staunchest allies hates President Bush with such passion that a new President will be most welcome. Many analysts agree that if Obama is elected, a President of African descent with a Muslim name will go a long way in easing relations and perceptions of America around the globe.

Just because there are two strong Democratic candidates doesn’t mean that it’s a difficult choice. If you are a Democrat and want constructive change then you have to vote for Barack Obama. Mark your ballot with confidence. Even the Kennedys agree that Obama is the best democratic candidate to write the next chapter for America. I am heading to the polls to vote for Obama and so should you.

Jerry Yang, the CEO of Yahoo, was chastised by congress for Yahoo’s role in helping China identify and jail a journalist in 2004. “While technologically and financially you are giants, morally you are pygmies,” said Tom Lantos of Yahoo. Lantos also instructed Yang and Yahoo’s chief counsel, Michael Callahan, to turn and face the dissidents’ families, seated in the front row, and plead for forgiveness. Nothing like a public beatdown to change how a company does business! Let’s see if they learn a lesson.

Scary ISP Pricing

This is an image of what ISP pricing could look like if net neutrality disappears. The Internet could become like cable where you get basic cable and pay for premium channels, or websites in this case. This image should scare the hell about everybody since the Internet as we know it today would cease to exist. Write your congressperson and let them know that you want them to vote for net neutrality when legislation is complete. Via BoingBoing.

Don't Tase Me Bro T-Shirt Design

This video and the ensuing blogosphere discourse has made “Don’t Tase Me, Bro!” the latest Internet meme. So much so, that the Wired Threat Level Blog has created a post about the phenomenon. This only happened two days ago and mofos are already selling t-shirts with the images like the one shown here. As for me, I am still waiting for “All Your Base” to become popular again.

I have watched several versions of the video since there were probably 20 cameras filming it. While I agree that the guy was acting like an ass, he should have simply been escorted out of the building and NOT arrested. The First Amendment guarantees freedom of speech for all of us, including this guy, whether you like him or not. The campus police should have simply escorted him outside, explained to him that he has the right to voice his opinions without causing a disturbance, and sent him on his way.

Reason number 132 as to why Chris Daly is a blundering idiot: He tried to pass a measure that would have banned the Blue Angels from the annual Fleet Week festivities held in San Francisco citing public safety concerns. Gee, that’s interesting, since district that he represents (which includes SoMa) is nowhere near the water where the aerial acrobatic show takes place. Did he ask his constituency about this lunacy? Of course not. I can’t believe that this guy actually represents my district.

Gavin Newsom in Disbelief

All hell has broken loose at City Hall because Chris Daly has accused the mayor of being a hypocrite in cutting the city’s substance-abuse treatment programs while the mayor “artfully dodges every question about allegations of his own cocaine use.” He went on to say “Where does Gavin Christopher Newsom get his substance abuse services, and how much do they cost the city and county of San Francisco?”

Newsom (pictured here hearing about Chris Daly’s allegations for the first time) responded by saying “Absolutely not…this is so gratuitous, so erroneous that it’s just patently false.” Newsom then sent a letter to Board of Supervisors President Aaron Peskin requesting that the board address Daly’s conduct. Meanwhile, Chris Daly refuses to apologize saying he stands solidly behind everything he said.

Other members of the Board of Supervisors have distanced themselves from Daly. Peskin said. “The entire episode is conduct unbecoming an elected official.” Many people think that Daly has taken politics to a new low in this city, and it’s only going to get worse during an election year.

Arnold Schwarzenegger will appear on an episode of MTV’s Pimp My Ride converting a 1965 Chevy Impala to run on biodiesel fuel. Mind you, this is the governor of the State of California! Where’s the decorum for this high office!?

At a press conference earlier today, Dubya made a totally unprompted and unwarranted reference to Dell television sets while answering a reporter’s question. Since Michael Dell is one of Dubya’s biggest supporters, this weird event is being called a payoff for Dell’s contributions to the Republican party. Sneaky bitch!

In addition to taking control of the House (234-201), and taking the majority of the state governorships (28-22), the Democrats have now also taken control of the Senate (51-49)! The icing on the cake: Nancy Pelosi will become the first female Speaker of the House and Donald Rumsfeld stepped down as Secretary of Defense. That’s enough to forgive the fact that Schwarzenegger is still the Governor of California. All in all, today was a good day.

From Dubya’s bottom bitch to political roadkill, Joe Scarborough describes Katherine Harris as a crazy woman that has been dissed continuously by the Bush Administration. She fixed the Florida election to enable Dubya’s first term only to be abandoned by him. Currently, she is being setup to be “destroyed” in her bid for the Senate and is considered not a “has been” but a “never was.” My favorite line from the article, “Friends and former aids have called her delusional, suggested that she had a drinking problem or became mentally imbalanced when rejected time and again by the White House.” Karma baby!

At least that’s what the Bush Administration thinks. Bush signed a bill today that authorizes the building of 700 miles of fencing along the Mexican border, a border that is actually 2,100 miles long. What he didn’t mention is that the measure signed doesn’t fund the project, which nobody, including the President, knows how much will ultimately cost. Ridiculous.

The Bush Administration apparently didn’t get the memo on the fact that walls typically don’t work at protecting national borders. It didn’t work for China against Mongol invaders (it was too expensive to finish and Mongols could “go around” it), it didn’t work in Berlin (shooting people on sight was the major deterrent there), it doesn’t work in Israel (except to inspire more suicide bombings), and it won’t work here.

Since funding for this project is not likely to ever happen, the signing of this bill is just pre-election posturing by the Bush Administration in trying to garner ultra-conservative Republican borders that want the fence. Meanwhile, they are alienating conservative Republicans that think that a fence is an unnecessary expense and a bad idea. Whatever.