Unless you have been under a rock, you have probably already seen Sarah Silverman’s “I’m F*cking Matt Damon” video and Jimmy Kimmel’s “I’m F*cking Ben Affleck” video. To put it in perspective, as of this writing these videos have been seen by a third of the audience of the Oscars. Check them out, they’re pretty funny.

After his racist rant and his lame ass excuses, like “I actually thought I was black,” you would think that A&E would never let Dog the Bounty Hunter back on the air right!? Wrong! Apparently A&E has started production on Dog the Bounty Hunter without announcing an air date. It just goes to show that if you are a racist bastard and you say you are sorry, even if you don’t mean it, you get a second chance. Like I said before I am done with Dog and if I could cancel A&E from my cable subscription I would.

The 51st San Francisco International Film Festival, which will be held from April 24, 2008 to May 8, 2008, will open at the Castro Theatre this year with The Last Mistress (France), the latest film from acclaimed director Catherine Breillat. The Last Mistress will screen at 7:00 pm with Catherine Breillat in attendance, followed by the gala Opening Night party at 9:30 pm in the scenic settings of City View at Metreon, located on the penthouse level of 101 Fourth Street at Mission.

Admission for the Opening Night film and party is $85 for general public/$70 for San Francisco Film Society members; VIP tickets are $135. Tickets should be going on sale at the SF Film Society website soon.

The writer’s strike will likely be over this Wednesday; television viewers rejoice.

When I was a kid, I loved to watch the old American Gladiators show because it was all about the underdog trying to beat the big professional gladiators. The pros were these huge body builders, stunt men, and the like. The competitors were regular athletic people that just wanted to compete. Totally fun to watch and one of the first reality competition shows that was not about dancing (see Dance Fever). Well, the new American Gladiators is airing on January 6th.

Pixar Studios created Buy n’ Large, a fake website for one of their upcoming movies. In the film, the Buy n’ Large corporation is credited as the cause of human civilization’s descent into couch dwelling sloths. Click on the privacy policy at the bottom of the front page for real laughs.

MC Hammer is the newest Web 2.0 entrepreneur, or is he!? He is the co-founder of a dance video community site called dancejam.com that will is supposed to be launching today, although it hasn’t actually launched as of this writing. I just went there and saw a video in the front page that said that the website is coming soon and a sign-up for a pre-launch invitation. The site is clearly suffering from a little performance anxiety.

The National Enquirer is now reporting that many who were once close with Dog can confirm that he is one racist and ignorant prick. The people speaking out against him include his ex-wife, an ex-colleague, and his step-daughter. Here are a couple of excerpts from the story:

“I think Dog is a racist — no question…He ran down every single minority group when I was with him, and n—er was a daily word for him…He called Mexican people ‘beaners’ or ‘wetbacks’ and Asian people ‘flangeheads.’…I would tell him not to talk that way in front of our kids, but he just ignored me.” Lyssa [his ex-wife] recalled an incident in Denver in which she says Dog lashed out at an interracial couple in a grocery store. “Dog said to the woman, ‘I know that’s got to be your pimp! I know you wouldn’t be f—–g him if you weren’t getting paid!’ They were husband and wife, but when the man started to object, Dog just went crazy, screaming at him, ‘I’ll kick your ass.'” Dog’s step-daughter Nicole Gillespie, daughter of Dog’s ex-wife Tawnee, says she regularly heard hateful language from Dog when she was growing up. “My mother was half-Mexican, and if they fought, Dog would call her a ‘dirty spic whore’ and a ‘dirty Mexican slut’…That’s what he taught his kids was the right way to talk. When they got older, they had to un-learn the racism that Dog taught them. It’s sick. It’s like a disease, and it spreads.”

Wow, this motherfucker is out of control with the hate language! This depicts someone completely different from his fabricated TV persona. Buh-bye Dog!

Ari & Staella Eliminated

In this episode, teams made their way from Los Angeles to a small island off the coast of Ireland which was definitely the perfect Irish countryside. At the end of the day, it was a couple of stubborn donkeys that determined the outcome of this leg. Ari & Staella and Nathan & Jennifer got two donkeys that refused to move, but I am sure it had something to do with the teams personalities and how they treated the donkeys too. The moral of the story: treat donkeys right and they’ll treat you right.

Ari & Staella completely alienated their donkey and ended up paying the price. Who knows if they ever led their donkey across the finish line. Maybe the producers let them off the hook when they realized all of the other teams had finished. We’ll never know. As much as I don’t like Kynt & Vyxsin, they were scrappy enough to get a second place finish in this leg. Ultimately, it was Azaria & Hendekea which came in first place.

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Court papers revealed that Britney Spears does not save or invest any of her $737,000 a month income. Damn, that is a mind-boggling amount of money! I wonder how much of that is spent on drugs for her and her entourage of hangers-on friends?

Dog Chapman was caught on tape being a racist in a conversation with his son and the tape was posted on the National Enquirer. CNN is calling the tape a racist rant, but his demeanor was quite calm and the N-word was used way too freely on the audio tape to be a one-time occurrence. In the tape itself, he admittedly says he uses the word all the time! Here’s an excerpt:

“…It’s not because she’s black, it’s because we use the word ‘n——’ sometimes here. I’m not going to take a chance ever in life of losing everything I’ve worked for for 30 years because some fucking n—— heard us say ‘n——’ and turned us into the Enquirer magazine. Our career is over. … If Lisa was dating a n——, we would all say ‘fuck you,’ and you know that. … It’s not that they’re black, it’s none of that, it’s that we use the word ‘n——’…”

Oh the poetic irony, it was the Enquirer that posted the audio tape! What he’s saying is ‘it’s not that she’s black, it’s that I am a racist and will never stop using the N-word in this household.’ He clearly admits being a racist and that he’s worried about losing his Bounty Hunter empire more than anything else. I can’t believe that this guy is being held up as a role model for kids, it’s downright shameful!

Dog released his own statement in which he apologized, but insisted that his son’s girlfriend “character,” not his, is the problem, and that his comments were “taken out of context.” Right! As if there were any context in which his remarks would have been acceptable. Dog could be in the middle of a rap video and not have enough context to utter the N-word. Here’s his statement:

“My sincerest, heartfelt apologies go out to every person I have offended for my regrettable use of very inappropriate language. … It was completely taken out of context. I was disappointed in his choice of a friend, not due to her race, but her character. However, I should have never used that term. I have the utmost respect and aloha for black people — who have already suffered so much due to racial discrimination and acts of hatred. I did not mean to add yet another slap in the face to an entire race of people who have brought so many gifts to this world. I am ashamed of myself and I pledge to do whatever I can to repair this damage I have caused.”

Yeah, you’ve been caught bitch and you may lose your show–that’s what you’re sorry for! I for one will be canceling my TiVo Season Pass for the Bounty Hunter and I am done with you, loser. It turns you are a bigger scumbag than the icehead druggies you chase down and throw in jail. No amount of praying in front of the cameras will get you out of this one. Adios Dog.

I am not sure how I missed this, but since CBS’s Viva Laughlin was cancelled after just two episodes, the Amazing Race 12 will debut on Sunday, 11/4! Fans of the show were not expecting the show to return until early 2008. Damn, it seems like forever since the last race!

Late night television presenter Eva Nazemson was hosting a game show when she blew chunks on live television and blamed it on painful menstrual cramps. Amazingly, she stayed on the air for about two hours after the incident. That’s some serious work ethic! If this had happened to Regis Philbin, he would have been in an ambulance on the way to the hospital before the chunks had hit the floor. Awesome.

The Amazing Race won a 5th consecutive Emmy for Outstanding Reality-Competition program! Big ups to the team that makes the show possible.

MC Frontalot just made a sweet video of his new Nerdcore song, “It’s Pitch Dark.” That’s right it’s funky fresh Zork universe humor for all of those old enough to remember the Infocom games. What is a grue? Well, if you have to ask you probably won’t understand this video.

Jeff Probst highlights the Survivor staffers that test the challenges: The Dram Team.

So, everybody that knows me knows that I love TV, mostly reality TV. However, there are a few new non-reality shows that I am going to be checking out this Fall season. One of the shows is Bionic Woman. I used to be in love with Lindsay Wagner (the original Bionic Woman) and Lynda Carter (she played Wonder Woman), when I was a kid. I can’t wait to see Bionic Woman get a face lift, it may turn out as good as the new and improved Battlestar Galactica.

The other show that I am willing to watch because the Geico commercials always make laugh is Cavemen. Believe it or not, they made a sitcom about the cavemen from the commercials. Hopefully, they did not dumb down to get a larger audience and it will do well. More than likely though it will be cancelled. Remember, only one third of shows ever get to have a second season. Stay tuned, or should I say, tune in.

Britney Spears You Suck

I didn’t see the MTV Video Music Awards this weekend, but apparently you can still catch Britney Spears’ tragic performance online at the MTV website. Perez Hilton has been skewering her, deservedly so, non-stop since the event on Sunday. Watch it and judge for yourself. Tragic. Train wreck. Just fucking sad!

An MTV insider told the New York Post’s gossip column Page Six:

“She didn’t even get to Las Vegas until 4:30 p.m. It was ridiculous. The production people at MTV were freaking out. Nobody can tell Britney what to do anymore. No one can control her. She is a mess. She went to her hotel room and ordered a bunch of food and some frozen margaritas. She came down an hour later with a frozen margarita in her hand.

The dance number was spectacular — without her. When the stand-in was rehearsing with the dancers, in the hours they were all waiting for her, it was amazing. Then Britney showed up and refused to do anything. The more complicated dance moves had to be erased because she couldn’t do them.

MTV wanted her to wear a corset outfit. It would have looked great and covered a lot of things up, but she hated it and didn’t think it was sexy enough.”

At the San Diego auditions for Rob Mariano’s new reality show, Tontine, a guy was apparently heckling Rob and giving him a hard time. It is unclear exactly what happened, but the guy, who had just been interviewed, threw water at Rob and shoved Rob when approached.

Rob kept telling the guy to walk away and he proceeded to shove Rob again. Rob immediately retaliated with two right jabs. The first jab connected because the guy dug his head into the chest of the staffer trying to separate them.

Eat your heart out Probst! I bet you’ve wanted to do this to some of your contestants for years!

Van Halen has reunited with David Lee Roth for a tour later this year that will include all original band members except bassist Michael Anthony who is being replaced by Eddie Van Halen’s son, Wolfgang. Sweet.

HBO just announced the cancellation of John From Cincinnati. Mama and I called it.

One phrase: what the fuck!? Again, Deadwood was cancelled for this!?

No End In Sight is a documentary by Charles Ferguson, the original creator of Microsoft FrontPage, that pieces together over 200 hours of footage from high ranking officials to give a candid look at the errors made after the fall of Baghdad. The interviewees include Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage, Ambassador Barbara Bodine (in charge of Baghdad during the Spring of 2003), Lawrence Wilkerson, former Chief of Staff to Colin Powell, and General Jay Garner (in charge of the occupation of Iraq through May 2003) as well as Iraqi civilians, American soldiers, and prominent analysts.

The film examines the principal errors of U.S. policy, which include allowing the looting of Baghdad, the disbanding of the Iraqi military, the use of insufficient troops, and the removal of professionals from the Iraqi government. The story is retold by the ultimate insiders, not armchair analysts here in the U.S. The film brutally concludes that the errors made created the insurgency, chaos, and violence that exists in Iraq today. And sadly, for the time being, there is no end in sight.

The film opens today at The Embarcadero Center Cinema in San Francisco and Charles Ferguson, the producer and director, will be around to answer questions after the showing on Friday, August 10th at 7:30pm and Saturday, August 11th at 5:00pm. Check it out.

It was reported in the UK’s Sunday Times that Bear Grylls, the star of the Discovery Channel’s Man vs. Wild television show (aka Born Survivor in the UK), stayed in hotels and at times slept in a camp with the crew without disclosing this to the audience. The story prompted the Discovery Channel to issue a statement in the Hollywood Reporter that read:

Discovery Communications has learned that isolated elements of the ‘Man vs. Wild’ show in some episodes were not natural to the environment, and that for health and safety concerns the crew and host received some survival assistance while in the field. …Moving forward, the program will be 100% transparent and all elements of the filming will be explained upfront to our viewers. In addition, shows that are to be repeated will be edited appropriately. Bear Grylls is a world-class adventurer and a terrific talent.

I now have to disclose that my man-crush on Bear is *sigh* officially over.

The Amazing Race 12 will drop the non-elimination legs that have stripped teams of clothing and money, and most recently “marked them for elimination.” Phil will finally get to say that the last team to arrive *will* be eliminated. None of this “may” crap.

It was announced at the San Diego Comic-Con that Leonard Nimoy will reprise his role as Spock in Star Trek XI. Also, it was announced that Zachary Quinto, from the show Heroes, will play the young Spock in the film. JJ Abrams also shared that Shatner will be in the film even though the young Kirk had not been cast. The movie will be released Christmas 2008.

2 Stars

Okay, am I the only one that thought John From Cincinnati was hella lame? Anyone? I know that David Milch threw in a few “cocksuckers” into the script, but is that enough for him to live down the fact that he threw in the towel on Deadwood for this!? There are nine more episodes left, let’s hope that they are better than the first one.

The last few minutes of The Sopranos were filled with tension and impending certain doom. A couple of shady characters walked into the restaurant, Meadow was almost hit by a car crossing the street, and then nothing. Cut to black with no audio! Much to everyone’s surprise, Tony survives the end of the series even if his future is uncertain.

David Chase mindfucked us all again by not killing Tony or any member of his family. Surely some will say it was genius and others will simply be annoyed that there were so many loose ends. Many wanted closure. But that is exactly how life is: untidy, unpredictable, and uncertain. Cut to black.

5 Stars

Ocean’s Thirteen was a fun film unburdened by romance or love interests, Julia Roberts is not even in it. The film is about the Ocean’s crew pulling off a caper, plain and simple. They seek to pull off this caper not merely for the money, but to ruin the reputation of the villainous casino owner, played by Al Pacino. Al Pacino’s character screwed with one of the crew, played by Elliot Gould, and now he has to pay.

The spectacle of how they do it is the payoff here. The specifics on exactly how they do it is hard to understand at times, but that doesn’t even really matter. The film is clever and funny at just the right times and the high arching storyline moves at a fast clip. Ellen Barkin, the only woman in the film provides all the sex appeal in the film even though she’s in her fifties, and it turns out to be just the right amount.

The film makes the life of being a world-class thief look cool and fabulous. At the end of the film you feel like you want more and hope that they would get together again for another caper. Unfortunately, George Clooney and Steven Soderbergh have promised that this is the last Ocean’s film. Even if they don’t make another one, they are definitely going out on top.

“John From Cincinnati” airs tonight after “The Sopranos” and it’s gotten very few good reviews. The consensus is “HBO and David Milch gave up on ‘Deadwood’ for this?” Exactly. Apparently the show is confusing and filled with vague references; not very grounded in reality like, a western; and John, the title character, is simply annoying and not very engaging or charismatic.

The series is so bad that critics expect HBO subscriber defections after the series finale of “The Sopranos” tonight, since only “Big Love” and “John” are the only dramas supposed to keep people watching. Of course, there’s also “Entourage,” it’s entertaining but may not be enough to save the network from attrition. Stay tuned.

The rumors and speculation are over. A few days ago, it was announced that Sci-Fi Channel’s Battlestar Galactica will end after next season. Ending the show after next season was a decision made by the show’s executive producers Ronald Moore and David Eick and not by the network. The fourth season will begin with a two-hour episode airing in November and the rest of the episodes airing in early 2008. Here’s hoping that they make the last season count.

I normally don’t comment on American Idol and can really care less about who wins it, but I typically watch the finale to see which stars they get to perform. Prince’s performance during the last American Idol finale was awesome, although it paled in comparison to his incredible Super Bowl performance.

There was no Prince this year and nobody who could even come close to hold a candle to him. Gwen Stefani performed from another stage on her tour, so that doesn’t even count! Smokey Robinson’s performance was a bit muted, you can tell he doesn’t have the range he used to have. The same thing could be said of Gladys Knight and Bette Midler who gave performances that were well past their prime. Their voices are gone.

Tony Bennett doesn’t have the range he used to but makes up for it with pure charisma–I give him a pass for the night. The two best performances were ones that you wouldn’t expect. First, I’d say that Doug E. Fresh and Blake Lewis did a good rendition of Doug E. Fresh’s classic, The Show. Maybe it resonated more with me because that reminds me of my freshman year of high school.

Okay, I am old. I am also biased, but this is the Nug not CNN. This blog is like Fox News without Republicans. Or reporters for that matter. But I digress.

The second best was Green Day’s performance of Lennon’s Working Class Hero, which they did to protest conditions in Darfur. It was dark, edgy and included the original lyrics which include the word “fucking” and was bleeped out successfully on live feed delay. The American Idol franchise won’t have to worry about going down on the count of an expletive.

All in all, it was pretty boring show apart from those two performances which I really enjoyed. Oh, and I did laugh out loud when Sanjaya sang You Really Got Me accompanied by Aerosmith’s Joe Perry. WTF!? The show ran late and I didn’t get to see the results live because the Tivo stopped recording. I later found that Jordin won.

So I remember watching the original Transformers cartoons when I was a little kid on Saturday mornings. There was no 24-hour cartoon channels then. If you wanted to watch your favorite serialized cartoons you had to get your ass up at the crack of dawn on Saturday to watch them because that’s when they aired.

The theme song for the cartoon was really catchy, even if it sounds really dated now:

The Transformers, more than meets the eye
Autobots wage their battle to destroy the evil forces of the Decepticons
The Transformers, (Robot Voice) robots in disguise
The Transformers, more than meets the eye
The Transformers

However, will someone please explain to me how the hell we went from this:

to something that now looks like this:

The camp of the original is all gone. Is anyone really excited about this new movie?

After a failed launch into space on April 28th, James Doohan’s ashes and those of 200 others spent 4 minutes in space and then fell back to Earth over New Mexico. Luckily, the remains were recovered on Friday from the San Andres Mountains on White Sands Missile Range. Sadly, the cylinders containing the ashes will now only be mounted on plaques mentioning the space flight and given to the families who provided them. So good ol’ Scotty won’t spend eternity in space after all.

CBS has renewed The Amazing Race for at least one more season. The Amazing Race 12 was listed in their 2007-2008 schedule as a mid-season returning show, which means that it will likely air in early 2008. An exact air date has not been announced. This is a change from the two seasons per year pace that The Amazing Race has been on in the last few years. Perhaps CBS has decided to air The Race only in the mid-season and will not schedule it in the fall any more.

Wikipedia has an incredible page of Amazing Race stats and trivia. Check it.

Eric & Danielle Win

In this final episode, teams made their way from Guam to Hawaii. The last three teams left the final Pit Stop with only one hour and forty minutes separating the first place team (the Beauty Queens) and the third place team (Team Schmirna).

All three teams were supposed to be on the same connecting flight to Honolulu, but Charla & Mirna hustled to get on another connecting flight that was scheduled to land 40 minutes ahead of the other teams. It was a pretty ballsy move, considering that had they failed to board that flight, they would have almost certainly missed the second flight as well since it was at a different terminal.

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Team Prada Eliminated

In this episode, teams made their way from Macau to Guam. Team Prada was marked for elimination but missed the earlier flight to Tokyo. They got on a later flight to Tokyo hoping to make the connection. Of course, they totally made the flight to Guam despite the drama created by the producers of the show through editing. It would have been lame if they were eliminated by missing a flight!

Teams bunched up leading into the first task, but they felt safe knowing that they would have a half hour cushion as long as Team Prada did not come in first place. Team Schmirna was in last place leaving the Detour, but passed Team Prada on the way to the Roadblock because they got lost, yet again. It would have been nearly impossible for them to gain thirty minutes on Team Schmirna anyway.

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The Heavenly Kings Arriving on the Red Carpet
CALL THEM THE HOMECOMING KINGS, the stars of the movie The Heavenly Kings, on the red carpet in front of the San Francisco Castro Theatre. From left to right, Cal grad Andrew Lin, Berkeley native and director Daniel Wu, Aussie-raised Hong Kong supermodel Conroy Chan, and the only real singer in the group, Hong Kong heartthrob Terence Yin.

Q: What do you get when you mix the Village People with the Backstreet Boys and add some Chinese four-spice?

A: Alive – the Hong Kong Boy Band.

The Heavenly Kings, the title of the movie that we saw on Friday night at the Castro Theatre, was our first of 12 scheduled movies – and I have to say, the evening was a home run. Having an excuse the schlep over to the gorgeous Castro Theatre is always a treat, but when you get the “full film festival experience” in addition…well, let’s just I’ll enthusiastically jump over a few more crack bums on the way. (C’est la vie en San Francisco!)

By “full film festival experience” and why we just love, love, love the SF Film Fest: Filmmakers often show up for their films and stay around to discuss the films after, either formally, on stage, in front of the audience, or can be found just milling about the lobby and informally chatting it up with movie-going peeps afterwards. Two years ago, we sat about 10 feet away from Metallica—aw yeah!, and three years ago, we were about 20 feet from Kevin Spacey. (So I just name dropped–so what?)

For the red carpet entrance, the Daily Nug photog (Nugget) said there were at least 20 or 30 women in the front who were screaming at the arrival of the film’s stars. Daniel Wu, who acted in several hit Hong Kong movies before making his directorial debut is a familiar face, as were the film’s other main characters in the film. Conroy Chan, a former Hong Kong male “supermodel”, Andrew Lin, a Hong Kong B-level actor and Cal grad, and Terence Yin, also a famous actor who had previously recorded an album. By the way, Daniel Wu, a Berkeley native, just won a Hong Kong academy award for this film for Best First Time Director.

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Castro Sign Friday Night

The 50th Annual San Francisco International Film Festival is finally here! This is the third year that the Daily Nugget was invited to cover the festival as press. Due to our busy schedules however, Mama and I did not attend the opening night film, The Golden Door, on Thursday night. However, we went to the Castro Theater last night to see a screening of the Hong Kong film,the Heavenly Kings. Mama will be writing a review of the film and I do not want to steal her thunder, so I’ll let her tell you about the film herself in her review post.

The atmosphere at the Castro Theatre was electric. Daniel Wu and his friends are pretty famous actors in Hong Kong, even if most American audiences have no idea who they are. There were several Chinese and Chinese-American girls that knew exactly who these guys were, as evidence by their screams and agitation when they came down the red carpet. Roger Garcia was on hand at the red carpet to welcome the director and actors to the screening.

Castro Marquee

Screaming fans, flashing lightbulbs, a little bit of mayhem on the side of the ropes–it was what I always had pictured red carpets to be, but in a much smaller scale. It wasn’t the Academy Awards or the Grammys, but it was fun to watch and take a few pictures. I had a tiny Canon point-and-shoot camera and was standing behind the “real” photographers from the Chronicle, WireImage, and other event photographers.

I was okay standing a few feet behind and taking in the whole scene–it was a bit surreal. If this night was any indication of the level of excitement at this year’s festival, then we are really excited about the 12 films that we will be watching this year!

The festival runs through May 10th. For tickets, venue information and a complete schedule, go to www.sffs.org or call (925) 866-9559.

Team Prada Marked

In this episode, teams made their way from Hong Kong to Macau and did several tasks, including an amazing Roadblock at the Macau Tower. There were no long plane trips or airports on this leg of the race, just good old fashioned hustle to get from one place to another. Teams were at the mercy of navigational skills for this entire leg, whether their own or their taxi drivers’.

Eric & Danielle who were marked for elimination and yielded on this leg managed to miraculously make up the time. Danny & Oswald were completely screwed by their incompetent taxi driver. The taxi driver drove them to the wrong location on the Detour and the wrong park for the Pit Stop. Danny & Oswald were to blame as well. They wasted a lot of time unable to find the Dragon Detour destination on foot.

Danny & Oswald were lucky to find the last non-elimination leg. Instead they are now marked for elimination, but somehow I doubt that they will be able to run a flawless leg to get to first place. They also will not run a leg like the one Eric & Danielle just ran. Team Prada is likely to go next, but I hope it’s Team Schmirna that goes.

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After six excruciating weeks, the law of averages finally caught up to the worst singer on the American Idol competition. I am sure that the show producers all exhaled a sigh of relief, knowing that sites like Vote for the Worst were unable to get Sanjaya further in the show. Adding insult to injury, Sanjaya cried like a little girl on stage while watching his “end of the road” montage. This guy may have an acting career due to his inexplicable popularity, but he should never ever sing again.

Eric & Danielle Marked for Elimination

In this episode, teams made their way from Malaysia to Hong Kong. Kuala Lumpur to Hong Kong must be the New York to Boston connection in Southeast Asia, because most flights there were booked. Danny & Oswald hustled to get on the first flight, the Beauty Queens and the Schminas got on the second flight, and Eric & Danielle trailed three hours behind on the third flight. At this point, I thought for sure that they were gone.

Luckily for them, this was a non-elimination leg and they were able to stay in the race. The producers edited the leg to build up tension, but everybody knew that even with all of Charla & Mirna’s mistaked that Eric & Danielle were really far behind them. Still, through the magic of editing they almost made it look close. We’ll have to wait for next week to see who’ll be in the final three.

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DNA test proves that Larry Birkhead is Dannielynn’s father. He now stands to share multimillion-dollar inheritance from Anna Nicole’s estate.

Uchenna & Joyce Eliminated

In this episode, teams made their way from Poland to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. All teams chose sensible connections through Paris except for Uchenna & Joyce which chose a connection with only a one-hour layover in Frankfurt. You would think that after hearing the horror story from the last episode that they would have shied away from the tight connection. Instead they went for it, and it cost them dearly.

Uchenna & Joyce were so far back after missing their connection that the entire episode was about the remaining four teams. I totally forgot about Uchenna & Joyce stuck in Frankfurt until the very end of the episode. At least the race organizers sent them straight to the Pit Stop after landing in Malaysia to put them out of their misery. Surely it was because Phil needed to start heading to the next Pit Stop.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger will appear on an episode of MTV’s Pimp My Ride converting a 1965 Chevy Impala to run on biodiesel fuel. Mind you, this is the governor of the State of California! Where’s the decorum for this high office!?

Apple announced that it has sold 100 million iPods and 2.5 billion songs on iTunes. Wow! At an average cost of $250 each, that’s about $25 billion in iPods sold! I think it’s fair to see that their journey to the dark side is complete. Apple is now officially an entertainment company and not much of a computer company in terms of overall market share. Rock on!

Mama and I saw The Killers at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium last night. The opening bands, Solar Cake and Howling Bells were, well, as crappy as other opening bands. Between the two openers, I have to give the prize to Solar Cake, since each and everyone of the Howling Bells songs sounded alike: slow tempo over processed shrieky vocals and over modulated guitars. Ugh!

The one thing that we noticed right away was the lousy audio mix for all of the bands. The vocalists were not mixed high enough and the bass was overpowering everything else in the auditorium. Not that the Bill Graham is known for its outstanding acoustics, but we have seen many other acts play there and sound great, including Green Day, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Cake, Smash Mouth, and Third Eye Blind. You can get good sound at the Bill Graham, but not so much last night.

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Team Guido Eliminated

In this double-sized episode, teams had to make their way from Zanzibar to Poland. All of the teams were given tickets on a flight that landed in Poland the next morning at 11:25AM. This was quite an equalizer. Some teams were at the travel agency for about four hours trying to book better flights. Amazingly, Team Guido left the Pit Stop almost a full 15 hours behind the first place team.

Luckily for them, Eric & Danielle were unable to book flights earlier than their pre-arranged flight. Those two teams were tied for last place. In Kilimanjaro, they missed their connecting flight and fell even further behind the other teams. Teams fell so far behind in fact that in the following leg teams started the next leg before those two teams even finished.

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As announced back in July 21, 2005, James Doohan’s ashes will finally be blasted into space later this month. Apparently he’ll be going up in a rocket whose sole purpose is to blast some folks into space.