Anyone interested in a wedding dress or just some good readin’? If you’re interested, you can contact the seller or wait for it to get relisted. The high bidder is claiming a co-worker placed the bid. In case the counter isn’t showing the number of hits, the reading Friday night was over 1.4 million, the highest I’ve ever seen on Ebay. Hmmm, I wonder how they found out his password to log onto Ebay. Someone should do a study on what it takes to get someone’s password. I’d be very interested to know if any research on this has been done.

As reported on 60 Minutes this weekend, $700 million that was supposed to go to Afghanistan was diverted to Iraq by Bush. The spokesman for President Bush, Scott McClellan, said “Iraq is part of the war on terrorism.” What? Was the money spent as it was appropiated? No.

House Appropriations Chairman Bill Young, R-Fla., said,”Because of the lack of specificity in the Woodward account, it is impossible to determine what specific funds he is alleging were spent without Congress’ knowledge,” Young said. WHAT? Did congress know or not?

Bush tells Rumsfeld to get going on planning an attack on Iraq, he tells Tommy Franks to get to it… Franks starts building runways & pipelines in Kuwait- for the simple reason of preparing for war against Iraq. And HEY! They need money, Bush is notified, and they divert money to that.

That’s illegal. I even heard the word “impeachment” on NPR. Hows about that? OH! And for more info on WHY Dumbshit should be impeached, check out the website (the official Impeachment site is a bit dry).

AirAmericaRadio is the home of Al Franken’s “O’Franken Factor”- a daily 3 hour radio show on left side of your dial, and other radio shows. So far, they’re on 11 stations, and more coming soon- include 2 in S.F., and Dish Network. It IS possible to listen to ’em on internet, but, alas, it’s only thru Real Networks (NO LINKS TO RN!), so, I for one, will have to wait for the Dish Network connection. So check it out! Support good radio!

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A documentary is in pre-production stages exposing the Republican ties to Election Systems & Software and more importantly Diebold , the 2 main suppliers of voting equipment in this country.

Of course, on the face of it, this is kind of like having a newsflash break in to report that Dubya wears tidy-widys.. “NO SHIT!” However, this documentary will include a Diebold employee (I’m assuming an ex-employee..) claim on camera that his job was to test the voting equipment- in this case computers sold to OHIO (on which Wally O’Dell, Diebold CEO, vowed would be won by Dubya). Upon completion of the tests, it was found that the failure rate was above the acceptable 3%…. slightly. Try 30%! When he reported his findings, he was told to not tell anyone and that he’d regret it if ever did tell anyone.

If you want to learn more about the issue of ballot box shenanigans, THEE site to check out is

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I’m hoping my one nugget for today hasn’t been used yet. It’s for It might seem OTT, but after I read the Articles of Impeachment, the provisions for impeachment and the other stuff on the site, I just thought “geez, why isn’t this talked about more often?” Plus they have a cool automated setup where you can send letters to newspapers, magazines, radio stations and TV stations in your area…. of course in a few years, that’ll be easy… you’ll just send 1 letter to Clear Channel or Fox…. depending on which media fiefdom you reside in.