The Daily Nugget is officially on hiatus until whenever I get around to it. The site will not go down, but do not expect new posts in the near future. Seriously, I went from writing a daily nugget, to a weekly nugget, to a monthly nugget and now I can’t even squeeze out a quarterly nugget. There is just too much going on in my life right now. A 21-month-old at home, taking accounting classes, and studying for the CPA exam have all taken time away from my blogging pastime. I miss it, but I only have time to update Facebook once in a while with baby photos.

I highly recommend the following blogs:

SFist – Local San Francisco news and happenings
CurbedSF – San Francisco real estate
BoingBoing – Techie news for nerds, you know who you are
Gawker – Gossip and news for Manhattan, Silicon Valley (Valleywag) and beyond
Going Concern – Gossip for the accounting industry
Deal Breaker – Gossip for the banking industry

Thank you to all my readers and supporters over the years–your clicking the ads have helped keep the lights on.

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