Derek Powazek wrote a great blog post with ten very helpful tips on how to be a driver in The City. I read through these and can say that they are all reasonable and actionable. The only tip I would add to the list is that if you are a serious San Francisco driver is that you should know all of the events going on in The City at all times. San Francisco is very small and any event causes a huge traffic backlog.

You should know the one day a month when Critical Mass is taking place (last Friday of every month). You should know when parades (Folsom Street, Haight Street Festival, Gay Pride), races (Bay to Breakers, SF Marathon, AIDS Walk), and street closures (JFK in Golden Gate Park on Sundays, filming downtown) are happening to avoid being stuck in traffic. The days when these events are happening are walking days, period. Only advanced drivers should attempt to drive around major events while they are taking place.

Send your friends a link to Derek’s tips next time they come into The City and check the event schedule while you are at it. If there is a parade or major event that day, just tell them to take BART or MUNI coming in. Good luck drivers!

University Websites Suck

Via xkcd.

Wired used the following graph to validate the assertion that the web is dead as a proportion of total internet traffic:

Wired's Web Graph

However, Wired failed to account for the growth of Internet traffic during the same period. There millions of web pages created every single day. Just because the size of these web pages is small in comparison to video doesn’t take away the fact that more web pages are created than videos posted every single day. Also, the idea that video is *not* part of web traffic is a bit silly, since YouTube is alas a website on the web and responsible for majority of the video traffic on the Internet.

Taking into account the growth in traffic, the graph should look like this:

Normalized Internet Growth Graph

Yeah, I don’t think we need to worry about the death of the web any time soon. The growth isn’t even slowing down yet. Perhaps in an alternate universe where publishing to the Internet is limited to a select group of people the Web is dead, but not here.

Via BoingBoing.

A German tourist was struck by a car and killed this weekend while riding a bike in the North Panhandle on Masonic and Turk. While just last weekend, another German tourist was shot and killed by a stray bullet just one block from Union Square on Mason and Geary. It’s hard to believe that German tourists were involved in both of these tragic incidents. The shooting last weekend was particularly tragic, since the lady that was shot was only walking down the street after dinner, not riding a bike through city streets which is inherently dangerous. Stay safe.

In case you haven’t already noticed, The Daily Nugget is on hiatus and I haven’t posted new entries for the last three months. With a one-year-old baby at home I just have not had enough time to post (see moblog for baby). I hope to update the whole site to include Facebook registration and a few other new features within the next month or so. Once the new features are installed I will resume posting.