Wired did a great Q&A with the creator of Pac-Man for its 30th anniversary. Happy Birthday Packie! “I got a pocket full of quarters and I’m headin’ to the arcade…”

This video captures the craziness of Bay to Breakers 2010 in a nutshell. I love the fun of the race, but the drunkenness and public urination (and even defecation) I think we can do without. Either way, B2B is uniquely San Francisco. Big ups to “rockjonj” for putting this together.

Update: Here’s a link to SFGate’s great photos of the event as well.

Sweet video of a bright summer day at Dolores Park in San Francisco.

The Better Marriage Blanket (YouTube Infomercial) is a fart filter that uses “the same fabric used by the military to protect from chemical weapons.” It would make an awesome wedding gag gift. It’s just too bad most of my friends are married.