My friend Larry found this bit of comedy on a cork board somewhere in Hawaii. I personally have no judgment on vegans, but this is just funny. Keep being AWESOME people!


Last year I posted a cool skateboarding video that won Transworld Skateboarding’s inaugural Skate & Create video competition last year. The 2009 Skate & Create competition winner, by etnies, is pretty awesome as well. However, I still like last year’s winner more because of the music by The Dodos.

Hubba Revisited by foxxyz

Hubba Hideout is a legendary San Francisco skate spot in the financial district that has been glamorized in video games like EA’s Skate. It was very popular back in the 90’s but was made “unskateable” with the use of anti-skate studs put in place by the Embarcadero Center maintenance crews circa late 2001. Guerrilla skaters have since removed the anti-skate studs from the bottom stairs to make it partially skateable again.

I watched some skaters rip this thing up at lunch time back in the summer of 2001, before the studs were put in place. My office was just a half block away. Below is a great video documentary of the spot made back in 2001, when I saw some great lunch time sessions.

Apparently, the hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of seals at Fisherman’s Wharf have dwindled to just a handful since Thanksgiving.

According to the article, the seals magically appeared after the Loma Prieta Eartquake in 1989 and have been a part of Fisherman’s Wharf for over 20 years. Now they are gone. Scientists think they are searching for food. Is this an ominous sign of another large earthquake on the horizon?

It all seems a bit mysterious.

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, has been deemed the “testicle bomber” or “ball bomber” due to this Reuters article quote:

…the device consisted of a six-inch (15.25 cm) packet of powder and a syringe containing a liquid, which were sewn into the suspect’s underwear so they would be near his testicles and unlikely to be detected.

I mean this guy literally tried to blow his balls off! “Goodness gracious, great balls of fire!!!”

You would think that terrorists around the world know that after United 93 if you try and act a fool on a plane, your fellow passengers will beat your ass first and ask questions later. Especially American passengers. We have a lot of pent up rage in this country and peeps are just looking for an excuse to kick some ass, and to do it with a legitimate reason is just icing on the proverbial cake.

First, Richard Reid, the shoe bomber, tried to light his kicks on fire just a few months after 9/11 and got his ass beat which is termed “subdued” in news reports. Subdued means you got your ass beat. In 2007, a passenger tried to open a plane’s cockpit door and he got his ass beat and duct taped to a seat. But these incidents are ancient history, here are some that happened just this year. In January, a guy yelled “I’ve got a bomb” as a plane was landing at LAX and got his ass beat before the plane even touched the ground. In April, another guy tried to open a cockpit door on a flight to Israel (!) and he got his ass beat. In August, this guy punched a woman in the face then took off all his clothes on a flight from Oakland to (not returning from) Las Vegas. Needless to say he got his ass beat.

Basically, if you even remotely look like you are going to act up on a plane you are getting your ass beat, Fight Club style.

A decomposing body was found in Golden Gate Park “just a few feet from the sidewalk” near the intersection of Fulton Street and 8th Avenue (see map above). The body of a woman was found by a City Parks and Rec gardener who was a bit shaken up by his discovery. Crazy that someone would dump a body in the heart of the city!

There was an apparent ninja attack in Gilroy early this morning. You have been warned.

This guy in Uruguay named Fede Alvarez posted this 4 minute and 48 second video on YouTube called Ataque de Panico (Panic Attack). He claims that he made this short film with only $300. Within three days of posting it onto YouTube he was getting calls from Hollywood studios and eventually signed a $30 million film deal sponsored by Sam Raimi, the director of Spiderman. The moral of the story: Don’t panic. If you are good enough at what you do, success will find you.

San Francisco bought Treasure Island from the U.S. government for a $55 million guaranteed payment. However, the deal could be worth as much as $105 million should the development of the island prove to be highly profitable for the city.

Hank Leukart, the editor of the online travel magazine Without Baggage, just posted a story showcasing several San Francisco day trips that he did with his 61-year-old mom. A total badass! The day trips included in his guide are to Muir Woods, Point Reyes Lighthouse (pictured), Año Nuevo State Reserve, and Santa Cruz.

It is definitely worth checking out his website prior to planning your next day trip out of San Francisco, whether you are taking your mom or not. Come to think of it, it would be wise to check out his site prior to planning your next vacation.

Robot dance competitions looked like this, but now they look like this.

Weezer’s tour bus skidded off road and crashed in upstate New York today with Rivers Cuomo and his assistant suffering minor injuries. Rivers’ wife and 2-year-old daughter were on the bus but were not injured.

Sarah Palin supporters were asked in detail what issues or policies they support for her 2012 presidential bid at a recent book signing. Wow! My favorite comment: “The state that she did govern was right across the street from Russia” at around the 4:50 mark. “We just want to meet Sarah Palin!”

Great blog post on the economics of pinball and how the Williams company made sure that you lost as many quarters as possible to their pinball machines between 1986 and 1992. Via BoingBoing.

This guy named Dimitri Arleri has some crazy magician-like card dexterity and does amazing card tricks in this video to opera music.  I bet this guy gets invited to a lot of parties with this jazz, er opera.