A man who thought he was a ninja scaled a metal fence, but alas he wasn’t a ninja and was impaled by said fence. We have all been there, right!? Anyone!?

A drunk-off-her-ass Boston woman fell on the train tracks as the subway train was approaching, and lived, barely. Wow! Luckiest drunk ever!

#88. Kiss Freak! with Tongue! Pucker Up! #58. Dog.

James Kuhn is an artist that likes to paint his face intricately into representations of paintings, scenes, or just plain weird ass shit.

The face on the right is absolutely awesome and wrong, with his mouth representing the dog’s ass! Check out more of his faces by checking out his Flickr set.

Via BoingBoing.

A semi truck driver with a full cargo of pears reportedly took the S-curve on the Bay Bridge a little too fast this morning and “BLAM-O!” He drove his truck through the concrete barrier and off the bridge plummeting some 200 feet to his death. I have not driven the new S-curve, but those that have claim that it is hairy for cars at more than 45MPH and according to authorities the truck was traveling in excess of 50MPH with a full cargo of pears!

Still, you would think that truck drivers, who drive for a living, would have a better sense of braking distances for their cargo than the average person. If you ask me, this guy just fell asleep at the wheel at 3:30am. RIP.