The Bay Bridge is closed because of a broken cable and Caltrans has no idea how long it will take to fix it. Needless to say, BART, ferries, and other highways were filled beyond capacity with commuters. SFGate has great photos of the mess during this morning’s commute.

Westfield has been trying to figure out what the hell to do with the Metreon since they acquired it in 2006. They stated last year that they would concentrate on making the Metreon a “food and culture” destination.  In their defense, we saw them open a small farmer’s market on the property that has been well received.  However, Tavern on the Green filed for Chapter 11 and announced that they would not be taking the fourth floor.  Also, the Firewood Cafe closed in the food court on the ground level.  Not good. The Metreon is still in decline.

The answer: open a Target on the second floor. An effing Target!? Stay tuned.

I had no idea that existed until I got an email from someone to check out their commercial on Vimeo. These guys aren’t your dad’s courier service.  They will deliver whatever you want from point A to point B anywhere in the city for prices starting at around $6.  According to their Yelp review, they’ve delivered hot pizzas from the Mission to Japantown! They are fast! So, if you are outside the delivery zone of your favorite restaurant, just call these guys.  They are like, but hopefully not so much that they will go out of business soon.  Hungry!? Call them!

WTF is Dairy Drink?

WTF is Dairy Drink? Via BoingBoing.

Reason #17 not to ride on a Muni bus: fighting. And don’t even think that the driver provides you with any protection whatsoever. After all of this craziness, the driver did not call the police or report the fight. People have been beaten worse than this, and even stabbed, without any trace of a police report or video of the assailant. Thankfully, this fight was caught on video and posted on Youtube. Now there is a pending Muni investigation. Stay safe San Francisco.