Babies 'R' Us Closed

I knew from the moment I walked into the Babies ‘R’ Us store near Serramonte that I hated that store.  The coin-operated kid ride at the front of the store with the loud and obnoxious music, the fake smiling employees, the dim fluorescent lights, the blandness of a box-shaped store.  And a creepy feeling on the back of my neck as I browsed through a row of over 40 strollers.  Really!?  Over 40 different strollers!?  I knew something was afoot.  It is the reason why we registered for baby gifts on instead of using Babies ‘R’ Us.  And their prices sucked!

Well, my apprehension was well founded.  Babies ‘R’ Us has been caught price fixing.  It seems they have ripped off parents for years and years by forcing manufacturers to not discount their crap through other online channels.  I hope they lose their ass on the pending class-action suit.  Bastards!

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  1. Here’s another way they suck.

    My mom bought me a glider “nursing” chair for ~400$. Looked amazing, had great reviews. It was shipped to the house, we assembled it, and it felt like it was made for a Munchkin. So, we had to disassemble it and return it to a store who would ship it back for us. When we took it to the store, they said they would re-assemble it and keep it as a floor model, which is what I suggested on the phone to them, when I called to see if we could just return it assembled, rather than run the risk of damaging it by disassembling it. No, they wanted it back in the box.

    Babies ‘R’ Us put the $ on a merchandise credit card that I have to use in the store or online. I found a chair in the store models that I prefer, so I went home to order that one. Well, to have it shipped to my house would cost 200$ for just the shipping alone…I don’t think so! So, I opted to have it sent to a store for pick-up. I placed the order only to have it cancelled within the hour, for ambiguous reasons. I decided to call customer service. After a long conversation and the woman offering me a whopping 50% off on the shipping (yay, only 100$ shipping!), I said, “So, unless I pay a massive shipping fee for a freight delivery, which should be the cheaper option, there is no way I can obtain this chair? It cannot be sent to your store so I can pick it up.” “Yes ma’am, that is correct.” I told her this is the kind of experience that causes people to say, “I am done with Babies R Us and their inconvenient policies. I will get my chair elsewhere. She obviously didn’t care. It’s a massive chain. This isn’t even a drop in the bucket.

    The exact scenario is happening to my mother-in-law who has been trying to order a bassinet for us.

    Basically, Babies ‘r’ Us have a bunch of products that they keep out of the stores, in some mysterious warehouse, and when you want to order them, they slap a massive “shipping” fee on it or else you can’t have it. And because my money that I can use for this purchase is on their merchandise credit card, I am basically at their mercy. I’m sure that, somewhere, when my mom bought the first chair that we returned, she clicked “OK” to a statement that said, “All returned items will be refunded in the form of store credit only.” Meaning, I HAVE to spend my money there.

    I am unbelieveably frustrated. I just want a nice place to nurse my baby.

    Once this is said and done, even if I do have to give them my money for this, I will NEVER shop there again. I hope you will give it a second thought too. Pretty much every other option is better; even Walmart…I can’t believe I’m saying that! Gross.


    #1 by Agent_R — January 23, 2011 @ 8:42 am

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