In the UK, the face of Jesus was found on caked on cooking grease after a guy cooked a delicious, or dare I say heavenly, burger.

Some mofo is lighting cars on the streets of San Francisco on fire in the middle of the night!  Last night 4 cars were torched, and authorities say that the count is up to a dozen cars.  People that park on the street are not scared, they are pissed.  I feel sorry for the bloodshed that will take place when someone catches this guy around their car.  This case is ripe for some sweet vigilante justice.  Stay tuned.

This is an infomercial for a product called Aspray, which is a spray for your stank butt and privates.  My favorite part of the infomercial is “give this to your smelly friends.”  Funny shit.  Via Adfreak.

Michelle Maykin and Van Le

One of my co-workers, a young woman named Michelle Maykin, was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML), a cancer of the blood, on February 27, 2007.  She fought the disease with grace and dignity for over two years, but finally succumbed to the disease this weekend. She was 28 years old.  Sincere condolences go out to her family and her loving husband, Van Le.

She had a personality and a smile that would light up any room and she will be missed by all who were lucky enough to know her.

A funeral service is planned this Saturday in San Jose.

Life is fragile, tell your loved ones you love them at every opportunity.

A guy from website was pissed to find out that phone companies sell our private data to just about anyone.  So, he went to the home of Verizon CEO, stood in front of his lawn, and shouted the following:

“I’m here on behalf of Verizon customers. PLEASE DO A BETTER JOB PROTECTING YOUR CUSTOMERS’ CELL PHONE RECORDS! Everyone has the right to privacy, including you Ivan! When we don’t have privacy, then freaks with bullhorns start showing up on our front lawn.”

Absolutely awesome.  “Can you hear me now!?”  Indeed.  Via BoingBoing.

Babies 'R' Us Closed

I knew from the moment I walked into the Babies ‘R’ Us store near Serramonte that I hated that store.  The coin-operated kid ride at the front of the store with the loud and obnoxious music, the fake smiling employees, the dim fluorescent lights, the blandness of a box-shaped store.  And a creepy feeling on the back of my neck as I browsed through a row of over 40 strollers.  Really!?  Over 40 different strollers!?  I knew something was afoot.  It is the reason why we registered for baby gifts on instead of using Babies ‘R’ Us.  And their prices sucked!

Well, my apprehension was well founded.  Babies ‘R’ Us has been caught price fixing.  It seems they have ripped off parents for years and years by forcing manufacturers to not discount their crap through other online channels.  I hope they lose their ass on the pending class-action suit.  Bastards!

Belgian prison inmates escaped today with the assistance of a hijacked helicopter that landed right in the middle of the prison yard.  The helicopter flew to a field 12 miles away where the mofos got into some sinister looking Mercedes sedans and vanished.  I want to see this movie!

Some Stockton residents think that an image of Michael Jackson appeared on a tree stump in their yard the day that Michael Jackson died. The birch tree stump has what appears to be a stain on it that looks more like the scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz than Michael Jackson.  Here’s a quote from one of Stockton’s finest:

To Stockton, Michael Jackson meant more to us than maybe Jesus did to some people.  I think they are both about even, they’re both icons!

The video proves that some people are crazy-as-bat-shit. (Link)

San Francisco Fog Before Sunrise

In the news, a great story today about the famous San Francisco summer fog.  Here’s a great photograph of the San Francisco fog just before sunrise. This is why we love living here.  Awesome.

It wouldn’t be 4th of July without Nathan’s hot dog eating contest in Coney Island.  Joey Chestnut of San Jose defended his title by eating 68 hot dogs, with buns, in 10 minutes! Check out the video.  Have a happy and safe 4th of July holiday!

Palin is resigning from the governor’s office.  Nobody can really understand this move, not even the best political analysts.  She is looking like she is abandoning the state of Alaska when things get a little tough.  She quit only one day after Vanity Fair published an awesome, scathing profile on Palin with the assistance of McCain staffers which elaborate on why they thought she was a “whack job.” Well, I say good riddance you crazy bitch!  Let’s all set off some fireworks tonight to celebrate this momentous event.