It’s been a little over a week since I found out that my vision had deteriorated from 20/17, or slightly better than normal, to 20/23, a little less than normal.  It had been almost seven years since my last vision test and I went just to make sure my eyes were still awesome.  Well, they are not.  For years I had prided myself in the fact that I had better than average vision even though I work on computer monitors all day.  Even though I knew it would likely happen some day, I was sad.

The eyeglasses prescription that my doctor gave me is -0.75/-1.00 and I was sad. My doctor said that the eyeglasses were “discretionary” and I would only need them when the extra clarity was needed.  He said that playing baseball would be one of the few times I would really need them.  I told him that I would probably only wear them while go-karting or car racing, and he emphasized that I did not need them for everyday driving.  Still, I was sad.

I told my a couple of my co-workers about my new prescription and they laughed hysterically saying, “We can only wish our eyes were *that* good.”   They had both worn glasses since they were kids and their eyesight is much worse.  Still, I told them that I considered them “lucky” because they can get Lasik or PRK to correct their eyesight immediately, while my doctor told me that I would not be a candidate for the corrective eye surgery for years to come.  Still, I was sad.

The bottom line:  My doctor and friends say that my eyes are great and by all estimations, I guess they still are.  But the reality of imperfect eyesight has me re-evaluating my life and overall health.  It’s funny that with my new “bad” eyesight, the gray hairs on my head seem to be in *much* greater focus.  I guess maturity is really about accepting imperfections in yourself and others.  The sadness will fade.

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