It seems like everyone is talking about Keri Ferrell, the hipster grifter and criminal from Utah that continued scamming people in Brooklyn, New York.  One Observer post followed by several Gawker posts has several Internet observers looking for this crazy con girl.  According to Gawker, there are three reasons why following her exploits is becoming an Internet meme:

1. She is so much like you or your friends or someone you know. All us young urban cools relate, right? Yes! Just like your neighbor!

2. But yo she was seriously totally psycho. Come on, the frauds and ripoffs or the fake cancer or the fake pregnancies or the other assorted lies would pass for normal one at a time. But all in one place—she was the holy grail of the outwardly cool, inwardly crazy and dangerous person you met at a bar one night.

3. She had the misfortune to perpetrate her fraud in the midst of the most self-absorbed, writing-intensive demographic, and zip code, in all of America. Sucks for her.

Sucks for her indeed. There’s even a link to the Observer article from SFGate!  I cannot believe that modern day con artists think they can outrun the long arm of the Internet. They may be able to outrun the law, but not the Internet.  Fascinating.

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