Does anyone remember Microsoft’s CD-ROM encyclopedia called Encarta? Well, it’s shutting down. I read about its demise in a newspaper article and the update is already on Wikipedia.  Ha!  No wonder Encarta is adios amigos.

AT-AT (Playtime) by NickIsConfused on Flickr

Awesome Flickr photo set for Star Wars fans. Click on photo for full set.

In today’s economy it’s it’s good to hear that someone is making money.  A cafe owner in Ohio is thriving by allowing customers to pay what they think is fair for a meal.  This is what they do in small towns in Europe and apparently it works here too!

The Nug is back from a self-imposed impromtu hiatus.  I guess I was in a little funk after the Battlestar Galactica finale.  I really liked the finale but felt pretty sad that it was all over.  Plus, what did it all mean!?  Anyway, I have had a chance to watch the finale a few times off the TiVo and will post some analysis soon.

The Daily Nugget is now banned in China!  Yes, it is a rite of passage for any reputable news organization to be banned in China, and now The Nug is too.  And it is just a crappy blog!  My friend Benson Tran, who lives in Beijing, says he can no longer access the site because the site, or me, angered a Chinese official.  Kick ass!

A local wedding photographer by the name of Peter Bruce is putting together a photo blog project called “1 Photo. 3 Words. 365 Days.” From the description of his photo blog:

“My mission for the next 365 days… to find a person on the street who I don’t know, take their photo, and ask them for three words that describe how they are feeling at that moment.”

The photo blog is currently on day 22 and already has some very interesting portraits. I will be returning back to during the next year to check it out.

You can also find Peter and his photography at his wedding photography site.  I know it can be very difficult to do a blog post each day so my hat is off to him. Here’s wishing him the best of luck in completing his project.

In this video, these guys setup a BlackBerry Storm to control an RC car using Bluetooth.  Supposedly, the engineers at McLaren saw their video and contacted them about Lewis Hamilton driving a real F1 car using the BlackBerry Storm on the track.  I am not sure if this is fake or not, but either way it is a pretty cool video.

This kid from Ithaca, New York, decided to record his aracade experiences onto a Sony TCS-310 Stereo Cassette Recorder from 1982 through 1988. Luckily he had stored all fourteen audio tapes in a safe place and rediscovered them when he moved the rest of his stuff from his parents house in 1997.  Over the last several years he has digitized the cassette recordings and posted them online at

I was surprised to find how similar the arcade ambience from this New York arcade was to the arcade I used to frequent in Southern California.  Some of the recordings are better than others, but that’s to be expected.  Being able to hear the kids playing the video games is what sets this site apart from others which feature only the video game sounds.  Some of the recordings brought back some great memories.  If you enjoyed visiting video game arcades in the 1980’s you will enjoy this site.

A Turkish man cheats death by escaping a collision between a train and a truck with only minor injuries.  Incredible!

The WonderCon Comic Convention was at Moscone this weekend and it brought out its share of fanboys and fangirls to San Francisco.  As always, the nerdiest wore the costumes of their favorite character.  In fact, I saw a Batman walking home from work on Friday evening which was weird, but now I know why.

The Chronicle did its best to capture some of them.  But the Chron’s photos pale in comparison to the Flickr photos taken by those that attended the event.  Ah, the spectacle.  Enjoy!

The unbuilt Transbay Station is already obsolete.  Engineers commented that the proposed design would only accomodate half of the train capacity that will be needed in 2030.  This new development may force SamTrans and Caltrain boss Michael Scanlon to request new designs prior to requesting stimulus funds for the project.  Supervisor Chris Daly let loose one of his infamous profanity laden tirades against Scanlon on Wednesday night for suggesting that they put the brakes on $400 million in funding.  Likely because Daly cannot understand the difference between 6 trains per hour and 12 trains per hour.  In any case, it looks like it’s back to the drawing board for the Transbay Station design.