Researchers in the U.K. have figured out that older people dream in black and white because they grew up with black and white televisions.  While almost all young people tend to dream in color.  I guess that makes sense since films and television programs are the fantasies in our lives.  Before the advent of television I would guess everyone dreamt in color because you know, they went outside more.

Tanker Crash

A tanker truck crashed and exploded at around 6am this morning on I-880 in Oakland.  Luckily nobody was injured in the explosion.  As of this writing, the freeway remains closed while the mess gets cleaned up.

The truck was carrying over 8,000 gallons of gasoline that shot flames 50 feet up in the air and caused a fire that burned so hot that it melted the asphalt, plastic along a fence on the side of the freeway, telephone poles, electrical wires and half of a speed-limit sign.

This crash is reminiscent of the tanker crash in April 2007 which melted parts of the MacArthur maze.  Luckily, it looks as though the freeway will not have to be rebuilt after this incident. reports that the RNC spent $150k on fashion for Governor Palin in the month of September alone.  After the questions started coming in to the campaign they said that the stuff they bought for Palin would go to a "charitable purpose," but you know she was totally planning on keeping the clothes if nobody noticed.

Keep your wits!

Yahoo! announced today that it is laying off another 1,500.

Mama and I returned from Vegas last night and have been recharging all day today.  Something about being in Vegas really tires you out I guess.  It must be the adrenalin from the gambling that makes you want to sleep when you get back.  We are glad to be home.

Mama and I are heading to Las Vegas where I will be attending the ALPFA Leadership Summit.  I am sure that the conference will not be as exciting as the poker that will be played throughout the night.   We will be back on Saturday night.

The Presidential debate is going on right now and people are most certainly tweeting their feelings about the candidates.  Well, twitter’s servers are so hammered that they can’t keep up with demand. is not responding as of this writing, but I hope that phone updates are working.

Last week while there was a financial collapse, a few of the Silicon Valley’s tech elite were partying in Cyprus.  While there, the group now known as the ‘Cyprus 20’ lip synched this video to Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing.”  Some would argue that they should have been singing, “it’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine.”

There’s all kinds of outrage because of the timing of this video considering that last week there were layoffs at eBay and Google’s stock tanked.  And you know, the Dow cratered.  People are already claiming that this video will forever mark the the beginning of the end for Web 2.0.

The ‘Cyprus 20’ crew tried to ‘undo’ the video at Vimeo but it is now on YouTube and finally got the video removed from YouTube.  Below is a remix of the video to the tune of AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell.” It’s back, here is the original video via Valleywag.

Either way, the ‘Cyprus 20’ lip synch was nowhere as sweet as this one from the folks that work at Vimeo.

The Star Wars Gangsta Rap Special Edition flash movie is one of the coolest Star Wars fan films ever!  Big ups to Heather for the link.  Click on more for the lyrics.

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Monkey Waiter

In a small tavern north of Tokyo, there are two monkeys that are waiters!  The two monkeys are certified by the local authorities to work at the tavern for a maximum of two hours a day.  Awesome.

You really have to check out the video to believe it.  I think the people in the restaurant must be locals that go to the tavern often because they don’t seem too fazed that the monkey is getting their drinks.  I need to totally go to this place the next time I am in Japan to see it for myself.  It may make me nervous to grab my beer from the monkey, but I just have to see this for myself.

I don’t encourage violence, but I don’t like that bank CEO’s are getting away with ruining people’s lives and livelihoods without consequence.  Well, apparently Dick Fuld did not survive completely unscathed.  CNBC has confirmed a rumor that Lehman Brothers CEO, Dick Fuld, was knocked out cold by an employee in the company gym after the Lehman bankruptcy was announced.  Vicki Ward, CNBC analyst said:

“From two very senior sources – one incredibly senior source – that he went to the gym after … Lehman was announced as going under. He was on a treadmill with a heart monitor on. Someone was in the corner, pumping iron and he walked over and he knocked him out cold. And frankly after having watched [his testimony at the congressional hearings], I’d have done the same too.”