I just read a Fortune article about business jets which are well beyond my reach.  However, I do know that a couple of my friends have been asked by their bosses or business contacts to outings on private jets.  So I will publish this excerpt just for them.  If someone ever asks me to join them in their private jet, I will be sure to follow these rules so that I may be invited back.

  • Ask in advance how much luggage you may bring.
  • Don’t take your seat until after the owners find theirs.
  • Never tip the staff. That’s entirely up to the owner.
  • Nix bringing your own meal. But offering to feed everyone – preferably by air caterer – is a nice gesture.
  • Skip the red wine. You don’t want your hosts to remember you every time they see the stain on the carpet.
  • Arrange for ground transportation when you land. Asking for a lift is an inconvenience.
  • Show your thanks. One owner gives a gift equal to a first-class commercial ticket when she flies with other owners. You may not need to go so far, but don’t skimp either.

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  1. Also, the host/hostess will assign seats with their own priorities in mind. Don’t assume just because they have been seated that you can then take the next best seats as they may wish to have the next in seniority whether business or family pecking order in mind. The proper thing to ask when you’re a guest is “where would you like me to sit?”

    #1 by P. Requa — July 3, 2011 @ 10:01 am

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