Tucker Bounds, McCain spokesman, was beatdown on all cable news networks.  Even Fox Fixed News got into the act of lambasting Tucker.  Wow, you know you have going too far if your "friends" are turning their back on you.  Even Bush’s Brain, Karl Rove, said that the McCain ads "cannot pass the…truth test."

After the jump (via Gawker), some comments claim that Tucker pulled his own feed cable in the MSNBC interview to get out of finishing the interview, which started bad and was getting worse.  This guy is like a human piñata that they put in front of cameras instead of McCain and Palin answering questions about their lies.

My favorite, when McCain said yesterday that "the fundamentals of the economy are strong" as Lehman folded, Merrill sold to BofA, and AIG panics on cashflow problems. McCain: I know that you are really old an probably losing your facilities, but our banks are the fundamental building blocks of our economy you moron!  Insane McCain in the membrane!

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