Both McCain and Palin decried "gotcha journalism" during an interview with Katie Couric because a voter asked a question of the vice presidential candidate, she said a position which conflicted with McCain, and it was filmed.  In the exchange, Palin said that the U.S. should cross the Pakistan border if needed to "stop the terrorists," which is in stark contrast to McCain’s view on the subject and parallels Obama’s position.  The McCain campaign’s answer: blame it on "gotcha journalism." You have to see it for yourself.  My favorite parts of the video below is how uncomfortable McCain is when Palin is speaking and then later when Katie Couric makes a face and says, "It wasn’t a ‘gotcha,’ she was talking to a voter!"

It is just proof positive that having cameras follow you 24 hours a day you just can’t be incompetent.  McCain and Palin are redefining the term "epic fail" if they think that the entire country is going to fall for their "stupid is the new smart" campaign.

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