Gustav knocked out power for over 1.4 million people in Louisiana but the levees around the city of New Orleans held this time around.  Water did top over a few of the levees causing some flooding, but nothing compared to the flooding when the levees broke three years ago with Katrina.  FEMA supplies that were supposed to be on the road as soon as winds died down and tractor-trailers could safely move were not in New Orleans on Tuesday morning.  Damn, some things never change.

Instead of concentrating on getting FEMA supplies into the affected areas, President Bush gave a speech about oil.  "We need more domestic energy, not less," he said. This "storm should cause Congress to step up the need to address foreign oil dependence."  I am sure that the people in East Baton Rouge Parish just want their supplies and can care less about offshore drilling.  Let’s track down the supplies are people!

Thank goodness that the levees held because it is clear that if the levees had failed FEMA would be just as incompetent and ineffective as they were three years ago.  Let’s hope that the next three storms miss New Orleans to give time for the Gustav flood waters to secede.

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