A 6.1 magnitude earthquake in China’s Sichuan province yesterday killed 27 people and destroyed 180,000 homes.  This earthquake was along the same fault line as the 7.9 magnitude quake in May that killed 70,000.  However, because of Hurricane Gustav is hurtling towards the Gulf Coast many U.S. news media agencies are not giving the China story much attention.  Almost three years to the day after Hurricane Katrina, Gustav is heading directly for New Orleans.

Hurrican Gustav

I have to think that New Orleans residents that are still rebuilding after the devastation of Katrina will simply give up if Gustav breaks the levees once more.  It is almost the same story as three years ago, except that many more people that have the means to leave the city are leaving.  Still, there are those that are too poor to evacuate today, just as there were three years ago.  I certainly hope that the levees hold this time around.

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