SF 94107 June 2008 Home Prices Despite plummeting values across the nation, 62 percent of homeowners believe their property’s worth has actually climbed or stayed the same during the past year, myself included.

Until I saw this graphic I thought that the home prices in my zip code were flat when in fact they have dropped 12.5% in the last year. Now keep in mind that my zip code is huge and I can still argue that the location of my home within 2 blocks of the convention center in SoMa has not dropped as much as the rest of the zip code, but it has likely dropped slightly and not remained flat.

Here is the link to the SFGate database where you could search the home price statistics for all Bay Area zip codes.

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  1. My zip shows ZERO (yes, read my lips) Z-E-R-O change! In this market, that’s not so bad. :-)

    #1 by Christian — August 10, 2008 @ 9:33 am

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