Last week, a man on a Greyhound bus went completely apeshit and stabbed a fellow passenger while other passengers fled the bus. He then proceeded to behead the dead guy and eat bits of his body while horrified passengers stood outside of the bus.  Really gruesome right!?  Well, this morning on the front of SFGate I saw this headline, "suspected bus beheader worked hard."

Oh, well then, (insert sarcasm here) he is just a suspect here let’s not jump to conclusions or anything.  Maybe the guy sitting next to him was snoring really, really loud and had it coming.  But it doesn’t matter, let’s just let him off the hook since he was such a diligent worker at his church!  Clearly, this beheader/cannibal had psychological problems that were not visible to those around him, since even his wife didn’t know what the hell was going on.  I bet the guy that was sitting next to beheader would have preferred that he not work so f’ing hard and concentrated more on just quelling his desire to kill.

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