SFGate just ran a story about the working homeless in San Francisco.  These are people that make as much as $3,000 a month own a car, but cannot afford an apartment in the city.  The story profiled a man that is a software developer, gets paid via Paypal, has a laptop, has an iPod, and works extremely hard. He says that he sleeps in tents in Golden Gate Park in order to save money.

It is completely crazy to me that someone that makes as much as $36,000 a year can’t afford a place somewhere in the city.  I am sure that if he looked hard enough he could rent a room in someone’s house or a garage room deep in the Avenues for about $800 a month.  But then he wouldn’t be saving any money.  This guy’s goal is to save up $10,000 to "get out of this."

But don’t call this guy homeless, he prefers "urban outdoorsman." Admitedly, this guy’s situation is a bit special because he is a software developer with a laptop, but he can’t be the only employed homeless person sleeping in Golden Gate Park.  I bet there are day laborers, painters, and other employed unskilled laborers that make nearly as much that cannot afford a place in the city, but want to be as close to the city as possible.  As the economy worsens the number of people sleeping in the park will only continue to rise, employed or otherwise.

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  1. He must enjoy living that way… a room with a shared bath in a clean residential hotel is $140/wk or about $640/month — it will take him 16 months of sleeping in a tent to save $10K in housing expenses. I call BS on this guy.

    #1 by evan — August 9, 2008 @ 1:17 pm

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