San Francisco was recently ranked as the most walkable city in the United States by  The company evaluated the 40 largest U.S. cities based on residents’ proximity to grocery stores, coffee shops, restaurants, movie theaters and other amenities. I know what everyone out there is thinking, but the steep hills of San Francisco or any other cities were not taken into account in the rankings, just distance and concentration of the amenities.

In fact, that is one of the reasons why we love living here.  Unless I have to travel to visit one of my clients I walk to my office six blocks away.  I love that I get exercise and can walk to the grocery store every day if need be to pick up fresh produce, since Whole Foods is only a block and a half away.  I walk so much that my car just yesterday crossed the 10,000 mile threshold after 18 months!  Try doing that living anywhere in Los Angeles county.   Walking definitely enhances your quality of life.

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  1. Long Beach #8 :)

    And Bixby Knolls gets an overall score of 81. Compared to the West Side…which barely garners a score of fitty…Yes, I am jealous of your ability to not consume gas…I currently do 50 miles/day, LBC to Irvine.

    #1 by Santi — July 17, 2008 @ 10:08 am

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