The launch of the Apple iPhone 3G was today.  Yes!  The "Jesus Phone" is here!  In full disclosure I have to say that I did not get one.  I don’t even want one, really!  Nobody believes me though. Anyway, I walked past a nearby AT&T store in the afternoon and the line *outside* the store was at least 50 deep.  I thought they were giving the damn phones away!  It was quite a spectacle.  Success, right!?  Well, not really.  The launch was plagued with all kinds of problems, er errors.

You see, Apple and AT&T devised a way to stop people from unlocking the phones.  They decided to have people sign up for AT&T phone service right inside the stores!  The store employees would type up all of the information and get people up and running in a few minutes.  Well, that didn’t work very well.  Subscription servers were crippled by the volume of subscriptions and some people waited a couple hours inside the stores during the setup process.  Jesus Christ!?  Indeed.

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