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It’s finally over.  Barack Obama clinched the nomination.  Yeah, I know this should come as no surprise.  This was been seen by many as a mathematic inevitability as far back as 2 months ago.  Now I am sad to see the talking heads, and the Hillary Clinton campaign I am sure, talking about Barack possibly taking Hillary as a running mate.  Bill Clinton in fact has reportedly been speaking to Democratic party leaders behind closed doors in an attempt to compel Barack to give Hillary the vice president nod.

Not only did Hillary not concede the nomination to Barack, she implied that she would not make a decision until she spoke with Democratic party leaders.  It was almost as if she was saying that she was holding her millions of supporters hostage from the rest of the party if she didn’t get the vice presidential nod from the Obama campaign.  Really!?  She has graduated from being the psycho ex-girlfriend of the Democratic party to demanding a common law marriage from the party.

“I want half the ticket.”  That’s what she wants.

Well, too bad.  After all of the mean-spirited attacks that the Clintons, and their minions, have waged against Barack I think it’s arrogant and delusional for Hillary to think that all will be forgiven and she would simply be handed half of the ticket for her efforts.  Think again.  There are many a Southerner out there that could help Barack with the “white blue-collar” vote.  I think that an Obama-Edwards ticket would not only get the white blue collar vote, but would not tarnish the primary tenet of the campaign: change.  It’s just too bad that I didn’t register obamaedwards.com when it wasn’t registered.

Hillary, just concede, tell your supporters to vote for Barack and go away!  Really!

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  1. There is no faith stronger than that of a bad-tempered woman in her own infallibility. -James Branch Cabell

    Hillary Clinton put her campaign on hold, but is holding a rally in Washington DC for her supporters this coming Saturday. According to her, she’ll determine the best way forward for her 18 million voters, and the party. So, I’ll believe Hillary strongly backs Barack Obama when I see it. The DNC told Hillary to concede by Friday, but I rather suspect she has another of those “comeback” moments planned for Saturday. Anyway, Hillary invoked the memory of 9-11. She said that while the twin towers were gone, Lady Liberty was still standing – a testament to the resilience of the American people. I couldn’t help but think it a testament to the Clintons, that throughout the process, this never came to light: http://theseedsof9-11.com

    #1 by Peggy McGilligan — June 5, 2008 @ 10:41 am

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