The security footage above shows a lowly cube dweller going completely apeshit.  He attacks one of his co-workers with a binder and proceeds to destroy the small office while shocked co-workers look on.  The scary thing is that these guys look like accountants (yikes)!  I guess what I want to know is what the hell did the guy that shuffled his papers say to instigate this mayhem?  I mean, he did get rocked in the head with a binder for saying something, didn’t he?

I bet you this type of thing happens more often than we think all over the world, but now the footage of these events are finally seeing the light of day. Here’s a link to the same incident from another angle and with sound taken by someone using a cell phone.  From the voices in the video it seems like they are speaking Russian.  Crazy.  Via Boing Boing.

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