Newsom Hearing About Gay Marriage Ruling

Gavin Newsom reacting to news of the
ruling from his office earlier today.

The State of California Supreme Court ruled that gays and lesbians have a constitutional right to marry in California earlier today.  What started with Mayor Gavin Newsom performing same-sex marriages in the San Francisco courthouse in February 2004 culminated with today’s ruling.  The ruling is likely to flood county courthouses with applications from couples newly eligible to marry when the decision takes effect in 30 days.

San Francisco is a madhouse right now with celebrations going on in the Castro and downtown at the Civic Center. You can feel the same excitement in the air as when the marriages started happening at the San Francisco courthouse in 2004.  This is a historic event that would not have been possible without the dedicated activists and supporters from the city of San Francisco.


  1. Remember Hitler? He was elected to power, first thing he did was appoint judges with his views. Then changed Human rights laws as he saw fit just like your hero Newsom, Jews were not alowed to swim with germans. And you now the rest of the story. What if your next mayor was radical right and outlawed Gays period. You did not win; you are giving this country away.The people voted and his judges broke laws.

    #1 by Notgaybutdontcareifyouare — May 16, 2008 @ 6:18 pm

  2. Oh my God! Wow! I do not even know how to respond to this blatant ignorance.

    First, is there some logic to comparing Gavin Newsom marrying gays to Hitler not allowing Jews to swim with Germans? (WTF!?) As far as I can tell, marriage brings people together and has absolutely nothing to do with Hitler segregating swimmers in pools. That statement is just ridiculous.

    Second, the fact that you would even think or imply that the Mayor of San Francisco could appoint justices to the California Supreme Court is downright laughable. It is the Governor of California who is responsible for appointing justices to the court. In fact, of the 7 justices that make up the court, 5 of them were appointed by Republican governors, like George Deukmejian, Pete Wilson, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. The Chief Justice of the court, Ron George, was appointed by Pete Wilson himself and is a staunch conservative. I am not making this stuff up, you can look it up yourself.

    “The people voted and his judges broke laws!?” If you are representative of the “people” that voted for the marriage ban in the first place, then we should all be glad that the conservative justices on the court recognize ignorance, prejudice, fear and stupidity when they see it and voted to overturn the ban. Your argument is surely based on these emotions and not on fact, evidence, or God forbid, knowledge of the topic at hand.

    Honestly, I would suggest reading a book, or two, or three, and becoming better informed before you start posting on this site or anywhere else on topics that are clearly above your current level of understanding.

    #2 by Nugget — May 17, 2008 @ 2:56 pm

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