The Los Angeles Lakers beat the San Antonio Spurs tonight to win the Western Conference and head to the NBA Finals.  The Lakers came back from a 17-point deficit and made it look easy, almost like they were toying with the Spurs knowing they could come back at any time.  Kobe dropped 39 points on the way to the Lakers 100-92 win.

It was only fitting that an almost teary-eyed Jerry West presented Mitch Kupchak with the Western Conference trophy.  Clearly, it was Kupchak’s trades at the beginning of the season that made this win possible.

Even without their starting center, Andrew Bynum, the Lakers are in a good position to win the NBA Finals.  The supporting cast members around Kobe have settled into their respective roles and have proven that they can perform under the pressure of the playoffs.  Now they have to prove that they can handle the pressure of the NBA finals.

Here’s hoping that the Lakers win four more.  Go Lakers!

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