HTML Tattoo

This tattoo means "end head, begin body"
in HTML markup

Here’s one of many nerd tattoos that you can find by Googling the terms nerd tattoo or geek tattoo.  Oh, and do not forget to Google nerdcore tattoo, because those nerdcore kids take the nerd hardcore and to a completely different level in my opinion.

My favorite of the bunch I looked at is one by the name of Mario Jedi, a mash-up of Donkey Kong’s Mario and a Star Wars Jedi Knight into one outrageously crazy nerdy tattoo.  Sure, Mario looks cool now on your bicep while wearing a Jedi Knight outfit but how do you explain that wrinkled mess on your arm to your grandkids.  How are they going to feel about grandpa then!?

"Ooh, that’s going to leave a mark!"

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  1. Super uber nerdy, but cool. I am tattoo free so far, but that could change here soon. You could put together a nice ensemble with this tattoo and a t-shirt.

    #1 by Casey — April 18, 2008 @ 7:40 am

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