Representin' with My Jersey

The Lakers could have traded Kobe when he had a meltdown, but they didn’t.  The Lakers could have traded Bynum when they received offers earlier this year, but they didn’t.  The Lakers could have given up on playing defense this year, but they didn’t.  The Lakers almost blew a 30-point lead last night against the Hornets, but they didn’t.  Where does that leave ’em!?  Pacific Division Champs with home court advantage and with an opportunity to be the top seeded team in the Western Conference.  I thought that they would simply miss the playoffs–again!

I was so happy about the news this morning that I dusted off my old Lakers shooting jersey (pictured here) that has been waiting to be worn until the Lakers were contenders again.  I wore my jersey proudly today and even had four or five people to express their support with "Go Lakers!"  In San Francisco!  That’s crazy! Not since the Kobe-Shaq days has there been this much excitement about these guys. If the Hornets lose one of their last three and the Lakers win two of their last three, including games against the Spurs and the Kings, they will be the top berth team in the Western Conference heading into the playoffs.  Go Lakers!

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