Last night, there was some serious weirdness going on with the Internets. Both me and a co-worker of mine couldn’t get to The Daily Nugget, any of my websites, or GoDaddy. We both have Comcast as our ISP.  I of course assumed that this was all GoDaddy’s fault, since it seemed like a DNS and/or routing issue.

In order to troubleshoot, I tunneled through my work’s Internet connection and was able to access The Daily Nugget a few times with intermittent “503 service unavailable” errors.  WTF!?  This morning I was still getting intermittent 503 errors, but was able to access the host administration.  I proceeded to refresh my DNS settings by deleting and re-adding a CNAME entry.  Sure enough — fixed within minutes.  Bastards!

A few minutes later as if almost on cue, I got an email from GoDaddy that says they have just changed the look and feel of their “My Account” area.  Apparently, this wreaked havoc with many shared hosting users, as evidenced by webmaster forum rants.  The good news is that it is all over and we can return to our regularly scheduled programming.

My apologies if you were unable to access the site and it caused you to lay down in a fetal position and cry uncontrollably while you checked the Internets every 5 minutes to see if it was back up and running.  I concede that may have been a little “inconvenient” and you may have lost some sleep last night.  Please read the site’s terms of service before considering any litigation.

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